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Peter Piper Playhouse, is located in Chase Field behind the center field scoreboard and is complete with many games for families with children of all ages to enjoy.

Peter Piper Playhouse includes a variety of video and interactive games for fans to enjoy. Playhouse visitors will be able to test their batting skills in the batting cage and see how fast they can pitch in the Fast Pitch area.

Other games fans will have the opportunity to play include Crusin' Exotica, Rush 2049, Hydro Thunder, Ice Ball (skeeball), Smokin' Token, Basket Fever and Hoop Fever (games subject to change). Tickets won while playing games can be exchanged for prizes.

Baxter Kids will still be able to visit Baxter's Den, featuring visits by D. Baxter the Bobcat. Baxter will be available during the fourth inning of each home game for photo opportunities and autographs. Please come by Baxter's Den prior to game time to confirm his appearance.