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Community Newsletter

Letter from DERRICK HALL

VOL 2, ISSUE 2  • JUN/JUL 2014

The average distance from Chase Field to Prescott is only about 100 or so miles, but on May 16th it seemed closer to a million. That's because for Brad Ziegler, his lovely wife Kristen and myself, we could barely contain our collective anticipation as we made our commute north for the organization's newest and most moving "Diamonds Back" Field Building dedication to date.

Brad Ziegler Field, with support from APS, local businesses and a donation from our reliever himself, was the D-backs' 34th such field dedication since the program's inception in 2000. That means 34 tracts of land throughout our state with revamped baseball amenities like lights, scoreboards, fencing, irrigation, grass and dirt -- all earmarked to give youth ballplayers a beautiful new field to play on. But unlike the previous 33 dedications, this was no ordinary field.
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Community Newsletter