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My Orioles Tickets allows you to manage your tickets quickly and easily.


  • Season Plan renewal and invoice payment
  • Redeem your complimentary FanFest ticket offer (Season Plan Members only)
  • Free ticket forwarding to family and friends
  • Access to online promotional offers including the opportunity to purchase single game tickets at a discounted price!

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Use your My Orioles Tickets account to do the following:

Chat with an Orioles representative
  • Season Ticket Renewal - Quickly and easily renew your Season Plan or make a payment on an existing invoice.
  • Easily Access your Orioles Account - View your tickets, forward your tickets, or post them for sale electronically on StubHub. You can also now recall tickets that you've previously forwarded!
    Complete Step-by-Step Instructions for Forwarding Tickets   Complete Step-by-Step Instructions to Recall Tickets
  • Buy Additional Single Game Tickets at a discounted price - After logging in, click the "Special Offers" tab at the top of your screen to take advantage!


Use your My Orioles Tickets account to do the following:

  • Dugout Club Renewal - Quickly and easily renew your Dugout Club Membership.
  • Redeem Vouchers and Purchase Additional Tickets - Choose your desired seats for eligible Dugout Club games throughout the season.


Use your My Orioles Tickets account to do the following:


Creating a new account or linking an existing account allows you to take full advantage of the My Orioles Tickets features, particularly your ability to synchronize all of your ticket activity from, on one account (season tickets, individual game purchases or tickets bought/sold via StubHub).

If you have an existing registered account:
  1. Enter your registered email account and password.
  2. Enter a nickname for your My Tickets account.
  3. Select the Link Account button to associate the accounts.
If you need to create an account, then please register your email address with the following steps:
  1. Enter your email address in the email field.
  2. Enter the password you would like to associate with this account.
  3. Re-enter your password from step #2.
  4. Enter a nickname for this account.
  5. Select the Create new Account.

In your My Orioles Tickets account you will find the My Tickets tab at the top of this page. My Orioles Tickets allows you to view, forward, sell and track your personal season ticket inventory.

How to use your Inventory Manager:
  1. Click the My Tickets tab.
  2. View the list of your tickets for upcoming games.
  3. Click the plus (+) symbol next to each game to view each of your personal seats.

Use the My Account tab to update your account information, such as your password, email address, phone number and credit card information (no name change).

The "To Do List" is where a balance can be paid or your ticket plan can be renewed (when applicable).

StubHub is the Official Secondary Market Ticket Provider for Major League Baseball and the Baltimore Orioles. As a Orioles Season Plan Holder, you can safely and easily post tickets for sale through the My Orioles Tickets system.

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