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2015 15 Game Planholders Postseason Information

Detroit Tigers Postseason
Presales and Purchase Opportunities

Check back for presale information.

Postseason ticket strip packages are not available for purchase by phone or at Tigers Box Offices and are subject to availability. Postseason strip locations will vary from the regular season ticket location. All sales are final, no exchanges or relocations permitted. Persons who exceed the ticket limit may have any or all of their orders and tickets cancelled without notice. This includes multiple orders associated with the same name, e-mail address, billing address, credit card number, or other information. The Detroit Tigers reserve the right to void any transactions in which the established policies are not followed.

Seating and Pricing
Seating Level Tiebreaker WILD CARD & ALDS
(per game)
(per game)
(per game)
Total Package Price
On-Deck Circle (Sections 120-135)
Tiger Den (Sections 120-135)
Terrace (Sections 136-141; 116-118)
Lower Infield Box (Sections 118-137)
Infield Box (Sections 118-137)
Outfield Box (Sections 115-117; 138-140)
Lower Baseline Box (Sections 112-114; 141-143)
Club Seats Upper (Sections 321-337)
Upper Box Infield (Sections 321-333)
Upper Box RF (Sections 210-219)
Upper Box LF (Sections 338-346)
Upper Baseline Box (Sections 334-337)
Mezzanine (Sections 210-219)
Pavilion (Sections 144-151)
RF Grandstand (Sections 101-106)
Upper Reserved (Sections 338-343)
Bleachers (Sections 101-106)
Kaline's Corner (Sections 107-111)
Skyline (Sections 344-345)
RF Balcony (Tables)
RF Balcony (Tiered)
Comerica Park Seating Map
Postseason Schedule