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T.A.K.E. Defense


"As a parent of two girls, one off to college next year, The All Kemp program has given me a greater sense of responsibility to the other young girls in my community by encouraging them to also attend an upcoming class."

"I wanted to thank everyone that helped with the self defense program Saturday at the Royals. I am the mother of the young girls, and we all attended with my mother. The four of us had such a great time and learned so much. Often these types of messages are better emphasized by someone other than your mom and the message was loud and clear to my girls, and to mom and I! Thank you all so much."

"Saturday at the "K" exceeded my expectations. I have attended self defense classes in the past but none like the one you all did. I came with my girlfriend and we learned so much in just 2 hours. I have made changes already at my home and will spend the time this week to think shout what other changes I can make to be more safe. I will be telling everyone to attend one of these dates, keep up the great work!"

"I wanted to express my sincere appreciation to the All Kemp Foundation and to the KC Royals organization for the excellent program that myself and my daughter attended on Saturday...This was tailor made for us and I could not have asked furs better opportunity torus to experience this important training."

"The instructors were fantastic - including their personal stories, victim stories, techniques, and blunt approach to the safety issue. Fantastic."

"I really liked the fact that we got to practice. I also like the fact that Ali is so relatable."

"The educational approach and why it is important to be precautionary."

"The instructors' real-life stories, facts, and information were presented in such a way that made the situations merely a reality and not something I needed to get scared and lose sleep at night over. Now I'm just aware, as I believe was the point - not to scare me from ever leaving my house again!"

"The attention to empowerment for women in a threatening situation."