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Beat the Streak in a Day

How to play

Correctly select 57 players to get a hit on June 28 and you could win $5.6 million. Start making your picks by using the following player selection methods:

Quick Pick

Choosing the "Quick Pick" option will fill in all empty selection slots with players ranked among the top 150 in action on 6/28, based on their Beat the Streak success rates.

Select Your Own

Click on any "Add" button to manually select a player for that selection slot. Making your own selections will allow you to view team and pitcher matchups for 6/28 games.

You may click the "Quick Pick" button at any time during the player selection process to fill in all empty selection slots with players ranked in the BTS Top 150.

NOTE: Only at bats from the first game of a scheduled doubleheader on Friday, June 28 will count towards BTS in a Day results for a selected player.

    Note: You must select 57 different players in order to submit your picks.

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