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Commissioner Bud Selig spoke with about how labor peace helps the game. (Christie Cowles/
Labor peace good for the game
Once again, while we may not have peace on Earth for the holiday season, at least we have labor peace in baseball. The new Collective Bargaining Agreement will stretch through 2011, and that means that labor peace will have governed the game for 16 straight years.  Full story >
MLB, union announce new CBA
Major League Baseball and its players association have come to an historic labor agreement that will extend peace between the owners and union for another five years. 
• MLB, union announce new CBA:  350K
• Selig's Town Hall chat:  350K
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1922: Judge Oliver Wendell Holmes offers the majority opinion of the U.S. Supreme Court stating that Major League Baseball is exempt from antitrust laws, thus validating the "reserve clause" in the basic player contract ...
1954: The Major League Baseball Players Association is recognized as a bargaining unit ...