ST. LOUIS -- Jason LaRue continues to feel some symptoms from a concussion he suffered in Tuesday night's scuffle between the Cardinals and Reds, and as a result, he has been placed on the 15-day disabled list. Outfielder Nick Stavinoha was recalled from Triple-A Memphis to take LaRue's roster spot.

X-rays indicated that LaRue does not have any broken bones, though he is still dealing with significant bruising and soreness in his ribs along with the concussion. Rookie Steven Hill remained with the team as the backup catcher after he was called up on Wednesday.

LaRue admitted to still feeling "fuzzy" as a result of the concussion.

"I don't know how to explain it," LaRue said. "Even the doctor said, 'That's what everybody always says.' It's weird. There's really no explanation for it. 'Fuzzy' is probably the easiest way to say it. Lapses of concentration, stuff like that."

However, LaRue won't hesitate to take the field as soon as he's cleared. Despite the possibility of further concussions playing behind the plate, he is unconcerned.

"To me, it has no bearing," he said, referring to the concussion-related illness that ended the career of former Cardinals catcher Mike Matheny. "When I'm ready to go, I'm ready to go. I play the game because I love it, and when the doctor says I'm ready to go, I'm going to be ready to go. That's the bottom line. Yeah, unfortunately, being in the position that I'm at, the similar thing can happen. What happened to Mike can happen to me.

"But I can't control that. If it's going to happen, it's going to happen. Only the good Lord knows what's going to happen. I don't know what my future is, and if that happens, it happens. So be it. I'm not afraid of that happening."

Carpenter addresses Cards, Reds suspensions

ST. LOUIS -- Officially, it was hard to find a Cardinal who would comment on Thursday's announcement of suspensions and fines in the wake of the scuffle between the Cards and Reds at Great American Ball Park on Tuesday.

But without ever actually commenting on the decision, Chris Carpenter said quite a lot about how he feels.

The Reds' Johnny Cueto received a seven-game suspension, the managers of the two clubs received two games each and no one else was suspended. It was clear that Carpenter would have liked to see Cueto receive a stiffer penalty for kicking him and Jason LaRue.

"I don't know what's fair and what's not," said Carpenter, who was fined for the altercation. "That's up to [the league]. I stand by my comments that I said before. He was very close -- a millimeter, centimeter away from not only ending my catcher's career but really injuring him and doing some things that would ruin parts of his life.

"All the stuff that happened in that thing, the yelling, the talking, the pushing, the fighting, everything else, there was nobody throwing punches, there was nobody doing any of that stuff. And I don't care how scared you are, I don't care what the deal is, whatever excuse you have, you don't start doing that."

Asked his thoughts on the discipline, LaRue said simply, "no comment."

Manager Tony La Russa said he was pleased that the announcement came down on the Cardinals' off-day, so he didn't have to answer questions that day, then segued into a rundown of the Cubs' lineup for Friday's game.

Carpenter, though, spoke at length on the matter before saying he hoped it was the last time he would have to do so.

"There were however many people on the field, total chaos, and [Cueto] says he was scared," he said. "Everybody in there was scared. I couldn't move. I was in a worse position than he was, and I wasn't kicking and punching or doing anything. There were all kinds of guys that could have come up and given all kinds of cheap shots. Could have punched him.

"He's laying on the thing on the tape, and he's kicking me and [LaRue]. Skip [Schumaker] is standing there, Jeff Suppan is standing there, nobody's throwing blows or punches at him. Everybody's trying to stop it. That's what was going on. He turned into whatever you want to turn it into. It was unfortunate."

Lohse returns to Cards' rotation on Sunday

ST. LOUIS -- The Cardinals will re-install Kyle Lohse into their rotation on Sunday, and they'll use that addition as well as a series of off-days to give all of their starters some extra rest. Lohse, who has not pitched in the Major Leagues since May, had an excellent start in a rehab outing for Triple-A Memphis on Tuesday. That set him up to pitch on Sunday against the Cubs.

"His performance when he pitched was impressive to everybody that watched him and reported on him," manager Tony La Russa said. "So he gets the ball."

Jaime Garcia and Adam Wainwright will start the two games against Milwaukee next week, each on six days' rest, followed by Jake Westbrook on six days' rest on Friday and Chris Carpenter on six days' rest next Saturday against the Giants. Lohse's next turn, then, would also be on his seventh day, the following Sunday, against the Giants.

Lohse has been sidelined after undergoing right forearm surgery. The Cardinals have not announced who will be removed from the roster when he is added.

Worth noting

ST. LOUIS -- Joe Pettini is technically serving as the Cardinals' manager on Friday and Saturday while Tony La Russa is suspended. The coaching staff will work together on many decisions, but Pettini will handle such things as conveying substitutions to the umpires. ... Friday's game was the fourth straight in which the Cardinals used the same eight position players in the same order. ... When Steven Hill was called up from Double-A Springfield, he became the first player to be brought from Double-A to the Cardinals since pitcher Matt Duff on July 30, 2002.