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Saturday, February 23, 2013:
Marlins 8, Cardinals 3
Jay, CF2010113.500
Robinson, S, CF2010002.500
Descalso, 2B2000011.000
Carpenter, M, 2B2000113.000
Holliday, LF1000111.000
1-Chambers, PR-LF1100101.000
Beltran, RF2000002.000
Taveras, RF2000004.000
Molina, Y, C1000100.000
2-Johnson, Ro, PR-C2100000.000
Freese, 3B2111002.500
Jackson, 3B1000100.000
Wigginton, DH2000101.000
a-Christian, PH-DH1000000.000
Adams, 1B4022010.500
Kozma, SS3010100.333
a-Grounded out for Wigginton in the 8th.
1-Ran for Holliday in the 4th. 2-Ran for Molina, Y in the 4th.
Pierre, LF22210001.000
a-Yelich, PH-LF3010021.333
Polanco, 3B1000101.000
b-Cox, Z, PH-3B3011001.333
Stanton, RF3012000.333
Ozuna, RF2011011.500
Mahoney, 1B3110002.333
c-Kouzmanoff, PH-1B1000001.000
Solano, D, 2B2111000.500
Valaika, 2B2000010.000
Silverio, DH4111022.250
Mathis, C2011000.500
Skipworth, C1000110.000
Jefferies, C0000000.000
Hechavarria, SS1100111.000
Green, SS1100011.000
Hernandez, Go, CF2000002.000
Marisnick, CF2110001.500
a-Struck out for Pierre in the 4th. b-Grounded out for Polanco in the 4th. c-Popped out for Mahoney in the 6th.
2B: Jay (1, Koehler).
HR: Freese (1, 2nd inning off Maine, J, 0 on, 1 out).
TB: Adams 2; Jay 2; Robinson, S; Freese 4; Kozma.
RBI: Freese (1), Adams 2 (2).
2-out RBI: Adams 2.
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: Beltran; Jay 2; Taveras 2.
GIDP: Taveras, Wigginton.
Team RISP: 1-for-7.
Team LOB: 8.

SB: Jay (1, 2nd base off Maine, J/Mathis).
CS: Jay (1, 3rd base by Koehler/Mathis).
PO: Jay (2nd base by Koehler).

E: Freese (1, fielding).
Outfield assists: Taveras (Yelich at 3rd base).

2B: Mahoney (1, Rosenthal).
3B: Pierre (1, Rosenthal).
HR: Silverio (1, 5th inning off Choate, 0 on, 2 out).
TB: Marisnick; Pierre 4; Mahoney 2; Yelich; Stanton; Mathis; Solano, D; Cox, Z; Ozuna; Silverio 4.
RBI: Stanton 2 (2), Solano, D (1), Pierre (1), Mathis (1), Silverio (1), Ozuna (1), Cox, Z (1).
2-out RBI: Solano, D; Pierre; Stanton; Silverio; Ozuna.
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: Mahoney.
Team RISP: 6-for-12.
Team LOB: 7.

SB: Hechavarria (1, 2nd base off Rosenthal/Molina, Y), Marisnick (1, 2nd base off Rzepczynski/Johnson, Ro).

DP: 2 (Valaika-Green-Mahoney, Green-Valaika-Mahoney).
Pickoffs: Koehler (Jay at 2nd base).

Rosenthal(L, 0-1)2.054420018.00
Sanchez, E1.00000200.00
Marte, V1.02110109.00
Maine, J(W, 1-0)2.01111114.50
Koehler(H, 1)1.01000100.00
Cishek(H, 1)1.10001100.00
Dunn, M(H, 1)1.00001000.00
WP: Hand.
HBP: Green (by Marte, V).
Groundouts-flyouts: Rosenthal 5-1, Wacha 4-0, Choate 1-0, Rzepczynski 1-0, Sanchez, E 0-1, Marte, V 0-0, Maine, J 3-1, Koehler 0-1, Hand 0-0, Cishek 1-1, Dunn, M 1-0, Qualls 0-1, Jennings 2-1, Hatcher 1-0.
Batters faced: Rosenthal 13, Wacha 8, Choate 5, Rzepczynski 5, Sanchez, E 3, Marte, V 5, Maine, J 8, Koehler 3, Hand 7, Cishek 4, Dunn, M 3, Qualls 6, Jennings 3, Hatcher 4.
Inherited runners-scored: Cishek 3-0.
Umpires: HP: Angel Hernandez. 1B: Chris Conroy. 2B: Chris Segal. 3B: Sean Barber.
Weather: 83 degrees, sunny.
Wind: 3 mph, R to L.
T: 2:45.
Att: 3,504.
Compiled by MLB Advanced Media