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Anthony Castrovince has been a reporter for since 2004.

  • October 23 12:34 AM ET

    For Merullo family, Cubs' World Series run 'beautiful'

    The scar was his souvenir, the physical reminder of his professional height. And so, on the off chance it was fixing to fade, the old man used to pick at that thing on his left forearm, a habit that would have been disgusting if it weren't so oddly endearing. More» Cubs turn two to win the pennant
  • October 23 12:08 AM ET

    Doby, Paige highlight special 1948 World Series

    Jackie Robinson and Dan Bankhead became the first African-American players to appear in the World Series as members of the National League-champion Brooklyn Dodgers in 1947. But there are other thresholds worth celebrating, and it was the '48 Indians that became the first World Series-winning ballclub to feature African-American players, in Larry Doby and Satchel Paige. More» Doby launches a solo homer in the 4th
  • October 22 11:57 PM ET

    Whereabouts of Tribe's '48 title pennant remains a mystery

    It once flapped in the breeze above old Municipal Stadium, a physical representation of a triumphant World Series title that the Indians have fought futilely to reclaim for the past 68 years. Our best guess is that it was upwards of 15 feet wide, a broad banner broadcasting Cleveland's clout to any and all. And because the importance of that 1948 outcome has only grown in measure with each successive season that has led to this 2016 return to the Fall Classic stage, you could say the importance of this pennant has only grown in importance, too. Now, if only we knew where the heck it is. More»1948 title flag buried at old Municipal Stadium
  • October 22 11:21 PM ET

    Oldest Indians champion rooting for new winners

    It is a unique distinction, but it's one Eddie Robinson has no interest in maintaining. The last living member of the last Indians team to win the World Series? That's not exactly a badge of honor for the 95-year-old former first baseman on the 1948 champs. "I think it's time," Robinson said. "And this may be the year." More»1948 Indians celebrate World Series at parade
  • October 21 8:55 PM ET

    Miocic loves championship fight in his Indians

    Yan Gomes and Stipe Miocic first met a few years back, at another one of Miocic's visits to the ballpark. (AP)The Curse, as it were, survived in Cleveland long enough that credit for killing it is something valuable, albeit not tangible. That credit clearly tends to go to the Cavaliers, who won the city's first major professional title in 52 years. But Stipe Miocic may have knocked down the first domino. More»
  • October 21 4:45 PM ET

    Dad means the World to Indians' Tomlin

    FILE - In this Oct. 10, 2016, file photo, Cleveland Indians starting pitcher Josh Tomlin delivers against the Boston Red Sox during the first inning in Game 3 of baseball's American League Division Series in Boston. Manager Terry Francona said Wednesday he'll start Corey Kluber in the opener against the Blue Jays and follow with Trevor Bauer and Josh Tomlin in Games 2 and 3. Mike Clevinger will likely start Game 4 but will pitch only a few innings. (AP Photo/Elise Amendola, File)After a recent health scare to his father, Jerry, Indians right-hander Josh Tomlin is extra appreciative of his strong bond with the man who help him in his path to the Majors and the World Series. More»Josh Tomlin talks about relationship with his dad
  • October 20 9:54 PM ET

    LeBron's lead: Tribe continues Cleveland's renaissance

    The gold was gleaming in the midday sun, held aloft for the adoring masses at the IX Center near Hopkins International Airport.Nothing in this town had shined quite so brightly in the 52 years between championships. Maybe that sounds crazy, but that's what sports mean to people around here and LeBron James had learned the value of that attachment over the years. On June 20, on a tarmac in title town, he brought the Larry O'Brien Trophy home, as promised. More» LeBron takes in the game at Progressive
  • October 19 10:24 PM ET

    AL crown just the way Tito 'drew it up

    It seems impossible to say this about a man who ended an 86-year curse in a major market, but this improbable advancement is surely Terry Francona's finest managerial moment to date. Given the Indians' hurdles and their health, they have no business heading where they're headed. But they're headed there, all the same, and it's a story borne out of family and friendships and faith in the ability to overcome all odds. More» Francona discusses winning the AL pennant
  • October 19 12:02 AM ET

    Rookie Merritt unfazed by Game 5 magnitude

    CLEVELAND, OH - AUGUST 04: Ryan Merritt #54 of the Cleveland Indians pitches against the Minnesota Twins in the ninth inning at Progressive Field on August 4, 2016 in Cleveland, Ohio. The Indians defeated the Twins 9-2. (Photo by David Maxwell/Getty Images)The Indians' clubhouse jokes about Ryan Merritt come from the sense that this 24-year-old lefty whose second Major League start just so happens to be today in Game 5 of the American League Championship Series, is far from affected by his surroundings -- even if those surroundings are a racous Rogers Centre with the Indians trying to close out their first AL pennant in nearly two decades. More» Merritt on his potential workload in Game 5
  • October 18 2:25 AM ET

    C positive: Cleveland has mighty chemistry

    The principals of the 'pen were gathered together in the trainer's room in the bowels of the Rogers Centre, having just received their respective rubdowns, when they saw the gory images more suitable for a Halloween flick than a baseball field. More» Francona discusses managing the bullpen
  • October 17 12:52 AM ET

    Miller's feats in ALCS unique and spectacular

    CLEVELAND, OH - OCTOBER 15: Andrew Miller #24 of the Cleveland Indians reacts in the seventh inning against the Toronto Blue Jays during game two of the American League Championship Series at Progressive Field on October 15, 2016 in Cleveland, Ohio. (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)There's only one Andrew Miller. And although that doesn't mean there aren't really good relievers capable of becoming a reasonable facsimile, the combination of stuff, contractual status and October schedule make this a unique situation that even the Indians acknowledge would be unsustainable over the course of a 162-game schedule. More»Miller K's 14 in 7 2/3, earns ALCS MVP
  • October 15 11:13 PM ET

    Tomlin embodies Tribe's grit, attitude

    "Game 2 starter Josh Tomlin" would have been an insane phrase just two months ago. More» Tomlin holds Blue Jays to one over 5 2/3
  • October 15 2:35 AM ET

    Jump for joy: Lindor livens up Tribe's party

    By now, you've heard his name and seen the highlight-reel grabs. But if this postseason is your first real dive into the Francisco Lindor Experience, the Cleveland kid is giving you a good look at what all the fuss is about. More» Lindor on his energy after homering
  • October 14 12:44 AM ET

    History between Theo, Tito brings intrigue

    In successive days this week, Terry Francona's Indians and Theo Epstein's Cubs advanced to the next postseason round. So much will transpire over the course of the next week and a half. But it's hard to ignore the distinct possibility that baseball's two longest-running title droughts could clash in the upcoming World Series and that two veterans of curse-breaking could be pitted against each other in the process. More»The Tribe celebrate after a sweep of the Red Sox
  • October 13 8:50 PM ET

    Indians 'pen different script for best-of-seven

    Back in the days of development, before Mickey Callaway had graduated from Class A pitching coach to the same role with the Indians, there were intractable rules in place. Many relievers weren't allowed to be used on successive days. Starters had to be kept on strict timetables and pitch counts. It was a setup that simultaneously tied a coach's hands and fired up his imagination, because it required creativity to simply survive. More» Francona on mentality of seven-game series
  • October 12 12:55 PM ET

    Tribe, Blue Jays connected through Carter

    Joe Carter is most known for his World Series-winning homer in 1993 for the Blue Jays, but he posted perhaps his best all-around season for the Indians in '86. (Amy SancettaAP)Joe Carter is proud to be associated with his World Series-winning home run for the Blue Jays in 1993. But this October, on the precipice of the American League Championship Series that begins Friday night (8 p.m. ET, TBS and Sportsnet) at Progressive Field, we can actually associate him with something other than that singular swing. We can associate him with Toronto's ALCS opponent. More»
  • October 11 3:46 PM ET

    Old front-office pals will square off in ALCS

    Four words sufficed in the text Indians owner Paul Dolan sent Blue Jays president Mark Shapiro on Monday night, after the Tribe had punched its ticket to face Toronto in the American League Championship Series, starting Friday night at Progressive Field (8 p.m. ET on TBS and, in Canada, Sportsnet and RDS). More»Antonetti on Indians' first playoff sweep since 1995
  • October 11 1:45 AM ET

    Big Papi's greatest qualities on display in finale

    We didn't need this memory. Lord knows David Ortiz has provided plenty of others in his storied career. More» Fenway Faithful say goodbye to Papi
  • December 06 9:54 PM ET

    “You learn to sleep at night with the price you pay”

    By Anthony Castrovince/ On Twitter: @Castrovince On the day Robinson Cano got $240 million from the Mariners and Curtis Granderson got $60 million from the Mets and Scott Feldman got $30 million from the Astros, Chris Antonetti met with reporters in the Terrace Club at Progressive Field to discuss… uh… the chicken marsala lunch special? […] More»
  • November 20 3:50 AM ET

    “Tell me how do we get this thing started?”

    By Anthony Castrovince/ On Twitter: @Castrovince NOTE: This post has been updated with news of the Indians coming to an agreement with David Murphy. A small sliver of insight into the Tribe’s offseason spending strategy rests in the simple fact that when Tim Hudson fielded final offers earlier this week, the Indians had made what […] More»
  • October 03 5:48 AM ET

    A loss. And a win.

    By Anthony Castrovince/ On Twitter: @Castrovince When it was over, and the sea of red had begun to disperse, revealing the undertow of green plastic seats, a few hundred fans remained near the home dugout, standing, applauding. This American League Wild Card game against the Tampa Bay Rays did not go to plan Wednesday night. […] More»
  • September 30 8:23 PM ET

    “You’ve got to walk it, talk it, in your heart”

    By Anthony Castrovince/ On Twitter: @Castrovince The last club Terry Francona managed went 7-20 in September to complete one of the great collapses in baseball history and end his otherwise successful tenure in Boston. This Tribe club managed by Francona went 21-6 in September to complete a stunning surge that, while undoubtedly schedule-aided, rejuvenated local […] More»
  • September 29 9:58 PM ET

    “Surprise, surprise, come on open your eyes”

    By Anthony Castrovince/ On Twitter: @Castrovince Totally did not see this coming. I was optimistic, but not this optimistic. I was a believer, but not this big a believer. I knew the Indians would be better this year, and not just because things couldn’t have gotten much worse than the 2012 freefall. I knew an […] More»
  • September 27 7:11 PM ET

    “One step closer to knowing”

    By Anthony Castrovince/ On Twitter: @Castrovince Within a whisker of a postseason berth, the Indians are coming to the conclusion that they have no closer. Chris Perez is not a closer right now. With a 7.85 ERA, .350 average against and 1.116 OPS against in 18 1/3 innings over his last 19 appearances, he’s a […] More»
  • September 26 1:50 PM ET

    Manager of the Year?

    By Anthony Castrovince/ On Twitter: @Castrovince A Boston beat reporter got in touch with me the other day, because he has an AL Manager of the Year vote and he wanted to make sure he did his due diligence all the candidates, rather than just circling John Farrell’s name and being done with it. He’s […] More»
  • September 24 3:26 PM ET

    “Been waiting for tonight”

    By Anthony Castrovince/ On Twitter: @Castrovince Well, this figures, right? Ubaldo Jimenez arrives here as a would-be ace with so much wanted and expected from him. And for the better part of two calendar years, he stinks, quite frankly. In the 2011 playoff chase, when the Indians are desperately trying to keep pace with the […] More»
  • September 18 6:36 PM ET

    “We got one last chance to make it real”

    By Anthony Castrovince/ On Twitter: @Castrovince None of the individual narratives seem to do justice to how fun and frustrating and ecstatic and exasperating and inherently weird this Cleveland Indians season has been. The Indians return home Thursday for the final homestand of 2013. They’ve got a remaining schedule – four against Houston, two against […] More»
  • September 10 2:07 AM ET

    “Try and catch the wind”

    By Anthony Castrovince/ On Twitter: @Castrovince Yan Gomes walked by, and an Indians official said, “There goes our starting catcher.” Indeed, the transition is complete. Gomes has started at catcher in 22 of the Indians’ last 36 games. Publicly, Terry Francona says what you’d expect him to say, but the proof is in the pudding […] More»
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