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10/04/05 8:11 PM ET

Carpenter postgame interview

QUESTION: Questions for Chris. Chris, how would you evaluate the start?

CHRIS CARPENTER: I thought early on I got away with a couple pitches, but we made some nice defensive plays. I felt like after the second I started to settle down and get the ball down in the strike zone and make the quality pitches I had to make, and again, we had three key double plays that stopped some rallies and again, I felt like I made pitches when I had to.

QUESTION: What about the double plays?

CHRIS CARPENTER: That was a battle between me and Loretta, and he comes up and hits the ball hard, but it was right at Nuney, and he made a great play.

QUESTION: Chris, can you explain why you had to leave the game?

CHRIS CARPENTER: In the sixth, when I was out there in the sixth, my hands, my fingers started cramping up, and the same thing happened when I went up to go hit. I went to put my batting gloves on and the same thing, both hands. My fingers were cramping, so I mentioned something to Barry, and I went back out. I mean, it only happened twice, but I went back out to go, and they weren't going to dash they weren't going to take the chance with an 8-run lead.

QUESTION: Was it the fingers on one hand or both hands?


QUESTION: Chris, have you ever had a problem like that before, or is it something that just flared up?

CHRIS CARPENTER: I never had a problem with that before. I drank a lot of water last night and was drinking all day today, but as you guys know, it was pretty hot out there today, but I feel better now. I had some of -- I had a little bit in my legs, and in my arms, but I've been drinking since I got out of the game and I feel fine now.

QUESTION: So Chris, just to follow up over here, so you think it's just dehydration, that's all it was?


QUESTION: A couple more. A lot was said about the last four outings for you in the regular season. Did you feel better today or just get better results?

CHRIS CARPENTER: I said all along the last start of the season my stuff was good and I made good pitches and the results weren't what I wanted, but I felt good. I was confident about the way I threw the ball that day, and I did the same thing today. I felt like I had good stuff, and I got the ball down in the strike zone and located my pitches and was able to get some nice double plays by our infielders to get me out of some situations, but I definitely felt good and I felt good about today.

QUESTION: Chris, what did it feel like in the sixth inning when your fingers were cramping up a little bit and you were trying to throw pitches?

CHRIS CARPENTER: It was kind of weird. I mean, I've never had cramps. I mean, I don't know. I just -- I didn't feel comfortable, and then like I said, I went up to hit that next inning and the same thing happened again, and I felt like it was something that needed to be mentioned.

QUESTION: It was confined to your fingers; it wasn't like your arms or your legs were numb or anything?

CHRIS CARPENTER: No. I got some in my hammies and in my calf, too. It was -- it was there.

QUESTION: Chris, one more about the double plays. Let's talk about making pitches to get out of the inning. If you're not going to strike a guy out, you're trying to get the double play?

CHRIS CARPENTER: Yeah, you know, I felt like I made some nice pitches when I needed to make some pitches. The ball to Randa, I got in on him, we turned a nice double play. The ball to Loretta was a long battle between us. I threw a cutter in there and he pulled it to third, and you need to have those things to win ballgames. We've been doing that all year, and we do a good job at it, and when you're trying to make pitches, you just continue to execute and hopefully he hit it on the ground to somebody and you get the double play, and that happened today.

QUESTION: Chris, how big was it just early to get Edmonds homer just to maybe break the ice?

CHRIS CARPENTER: It was nice. I mean, we're facing a quality pitcher over there that doesn't give up a lot of runs, and that surprised me today that he did what he did because Jake is a great competitor and a very good pitcher, and it wasn't like that, you know. I don't know if he did that all year, but we got to him, and that's -- that's key. You go out there and the next thing you know, you've got a 4-0 lead and the next inning you've got an 8-0 lead. It definitely makes the ballgame a little different.

QUESTION: Chris you obviously missed out on the post season last year waited a long time for it, was the post season what you thought it would be.

CHRIS CARPENTER: Real exciting. I've been looking forward to this game for a month, and prepared myself to get ready to go out and pitch and compete and compete against a good ball club, and it definitely feels nice. It feels nice to be a part of it this time and it feels nice to get a win.

QUESTION: Is there a sense of relief that you're able to get results right here?


QUESTION: Is there a sense of relief that you're able to get results? You say you pitched well the previous start but without the numbers to back it up.

CHRIS CARPENTER: It feels nice to get zeros and get a win. That's what feels nice. Again, you go out there to -- to execute pitches and give your team a chance to win, and I was able to do it all day, and it definitely feels nice to get the zeros up there.

QUESTION: That's all. Thanks, Chris.

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