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10/04/05 9:30 PM ET

Sanders postgame interview

Cardinals outfielder discusses his record-breaking day

Reggie, two questions for you. How comfortable have you felt at the plate recently, and what did you think of the 3-0 green light?

REGGIE SANDERS: Well, really, I've just been working hard to get where I need to be. I had two months off, which is a pretty long time, and so Hal and I really just sat back and started thinking about things and the way that I need to go about seeing pitches and getting in the right frame of mind, and so really, I've just been just working hard every day to just get where I needed to be, and just go from there, so --

A 3-0 green light?

Sanders: 3-0 green light. Well, it was one of those situations where, you know, Peavy was having a tough time locating the ball, and 3 and 0, I just really was looking for an area where I could get the bat extended, and it was there and I was able to get on top of it and drive it.

Reggie, can you talk a little bit about just what you're feeling? Obviously it's been a rough year with the injury and everything else, just the feeling after hitting the home run and the crowd and everything you went through, how that felt for you.

Sanders: Well, it's exciting because, you know, we all know that the postseason is a lot of fun and it can make or break you, and so in that situation, you know, with the fans, you know, cheering and really excited about what happened with me, of course, being excited also, it just adds to that -- to that drama.

Reggie, how difficult is it not to be overanxious in that 3-0 situation and then the bases-loaded situation?

Sanders: Well, I think that's the most important thing, really trying to key in on your emotions, because if you looked at my first at-bat, my emotions were all over the place, and so you really sat back and think about what was going on, you learn over the course that it's all about those emotions and how can you house those emotions.

Reggie, how did you feel about the job [Chris Carpenter] did today?

Sanders: Carp did an amazing job, you know. We all know, you know, he's been having a couple of bad outings, but there was no doubt in my mind that he was going to be the Carpenter that I knew and that we've seen all year long, and he's a horse and he's a guy that, you know, definitely you want in a big game, and he proved that.

Reggie, what you were able to do in the last week of the season, how much does that carry over in your mind?

Sanders: I don't know what I was able to do. What do you mean?

Lots of RBIs.

Sanders: This game is all about results, and when you have results, you have more confidence, and you know, you just try to go out there and -- and really just have an idea of what you're trying to do, and hopefully you can execute, and that's all you can do as a player. So I don't want to talk about myself, but that's all I can say.

Hey, Reggie, can you talk a little bit about your six RBIs today? You've played in this league for a while. Talk about where this ranks in some of your all-time games.

Sanders: It's huge because, you know, let alone getting one RBI, you know, in a week, you know, you get six RBIs in one day and especially under the postseason pressure that that involves. It's a great day, you know. It's a great day but it's over by no means. We've got a long way to go. We're playing a tough team. As you can see, you know, they fought to the last out, and you know, for us, today is a great day, but when Thursday comes, it's going to be a new day.

Reggie, what is it about -- about guys putting on the Cardinal uniform and kind of raising their game to the next level once they've been here?

Sanders: Well, it starts definitely in the front office, and it trickles down to Tony, and from there to the players. The attitude here is all about business. It's all about giving your all that particular day, and you feel that, and so as a player, what you try to do is you try to, you know, do what you can do that day, whether it's drive a run in, whether it's steal a base, whatever the case may be, you know, but just give what you can give that day.

Reggie, talking about your comeback, it almost sounds like it's been more mental than physical for you as you're talking about it. Has that been the case, a mindset more than physically getting over the injury?

Sanders: Yeah. Most definitely. The ankle itself is great, you know. I've been working hard with Pete and getting where I needed to be and so getting in the games, and then building that strength back up, and so now it's more -- well, it's not emotional any more. It's not a head game any more because I've been able to come back for two or three weeks now, so now I'm in the groove, where I need to be.

Reggie, how personally gratifying is it to do this in the postseason, which you've been in a number of times, but I think other than maybe '01, it hasn't necessarily gone the way you personally would have liked it?

Sanders: It was huge. I mean, it's -- it's -- you know, everything's all about results right now. It's all about getting your ballclub where they need to be, and that's to continue to go as long as you can, so whenever you can contribute to that, it's huge, so I'm excited, yeah.

Reggie, you talked about keeping an even keel mentally in the postseason, keeping the big picture. Can you talk about your leadership role in imparting that because you've been in the postseason in the past five or six years? You've seen the big picture. You know what it's all about.

Sanders: With that, too, we've got a lot of guys in the clubhouse that are strong mentally, and we all support each other. We all have each other's back, and we wouldn't be here without just one person, you know. It's all about the whole team and the whole team is -- really comes together through it all. When you can look back, when I got hurt, Larry got hurt, Rolen got hurt. We had guys step in and really do what they needed to do to continue to help this ball club win. So Taguchi, Nunez, Mabry, John Rodriguez, and so for us it's gratifying to have a bench that can, you know, do what they need to do when guys are out and step up, so that really shows the heart of this ball club, being able to -- to fight through it all.

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