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10/07/05 6:22 PM ET

Morris workout day interview

Pitcher discusess starting Game 3

How do you remember your last trip out here in the playoffs in '96? You weren't here?

MATT MORRIS: No, I don't remember it.

Your confidence level right now this season, heading into this start?

MORRIS: Well, it's as high as it could be. You know, this is what it's all about. It's all about getting to this point, into the playoffs, getting the opportunity to pitch, go out and compete, concentrate on every pitch and see what happens.

You're competing against a friend and former teammate. How tough is Woody Williams?

MORRIS: Oh, you know, he's going to go out there and compete, we all know that. I was able to witness that over the last couple years. I know Woody's going to go out there. He knows our lineup. He's got a nice advantage. They're going to come out hungry. He's going to go out there and compete. I've seen it in playoff situations, I've seen it during the course of the year.

You know, my job is to go out there and execute, compete right with him.

If you didn't know David Eckstein, just saw him on the street, you probably wouldn't think he's a ball player.

MORRIS: I think that's the beauty of baseball, though. You can be any shape or size, go out there and compete. At this level, maybe not. But once you start talking to him, get an idea of where he is mentally, you'll know he's a tremendous competitor, he's a winner. He is a catalyst for this team. What a great pickup for this year to replace Edgar.

Could you have imagined what he would have done for this team, the grand slam, the suicide squeeze? Seems like he does everything.

MORRIS: He does whatever he's asked to do. There's no complaining. He just wants to win the game. Doesn't matter if he's called on to squeeze bunt or if he's called on to hit and run or turn a double play, hang in there at second base, he does whatever it takes.

I think it's rubbed off on a lot of guys.

I know you put a lot of thought into what do you when you pitch. You study yourself. When things haven't gone well for you, have you been able to identify any one or two things, anything consistently, that there's a reason for it?

MORRIS: I think bottom line is the location of the pitch. Whether you're struggling mechanically or your selection is off or you're not executing the pitch, the bottom line is that the pitches that are hit, whether they're curve balls, change ups, fast balls, cutters, whatever they are, usually they're in the same area. You keep the ball in the edges of the plate is the bottom line. When you're pulling off or your mechanics are intact, if the ball is in a good location, it's probably going to get the job down.

Bottom line is to concentrate out there, keep it down, and work both sides of the plate, keep them off balance, you know, kind of attack these hitters.

This probably isn't foremost in your mind right now, but you are a free agent after the season. Given any thought to your desire to come back or maybe go out and test the market?

MORRIS: Right now I'm just worried about tomorrow. These things, I dealt with it all last year when my arm was a little sore. You know, I'm worried about tomorrow. There's nothing else on my mind but tomorrow. All that other stuff will take care of itself.

Would I like to pitch for St. Louis? Of course, there's no better place to play. Great fans, great friends on the team, great friends in the clubhouse. It's all I know. Great manager, coaches, pitching coach. It's what I know.

But right now it's about concentrating on tomorrow, going out and competing.

A lot of pitchers over the last two years have talked about this place being a good place to pitch. I was wondering your observations, what you like about the park, what you might not like about it.

MORRIS: I've only pitched here once, and I didn't fare so well. Is that what you're getting at (laughter)?

No, you know, it's a pitcher friendly ballpark. Do I know that firsthand? No. But, you know, especially at night, I don't think the ball travels as well. The bottom line is I'm going to try to keep the ball on the ground anyway, not give them the opportunity for the big hit. It's beautiful. The grass, the infield is spectacular. Not going to have any live hops or bad hops. It's a beautiful place. The weather's great.

But I believe it's a pitcher friendly ballpark, so we'll have to test that out.

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