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10/19/05 7:27 PM ET

Tony La Russa pregame interview

Manager discusses lineup, starting pitching

You guys have momentum now from Game 5, but they still are in control of the series essentially. What's more important and how did yesterday's off day, did that mess up your momentum at all for Monday?

TONY LaRUSSA: Well, I think we get a plus coming home to our crowd. I'd rather be in their situation where they have to win one instead of having to win two. But it just comes down to winning the game. You think about it, you've got to play the game and I think the other thing about the momentum, it starts with the starting pitcher. So I hope Mulder is real sharp and Roy Oswalt isn't.

But that really is the first indication of where the momentum is.

A lot has been made of the Astros and their small ball approach. What is it like to play a team like that?

LaRUSSA: Last time I looked, Berkman hit a three run homer and Lane hit a home run. I think they just have a versatile offense. They do run the bases, they handle the bat, they bunt, but they also have guys like Ensberg, he's had as productive a year with power and runs driven in as anybody. They just have a complete, versatile offense.

Is Abe feeling better, will he get the start tonight and how are Reggie and Larry doing with an extra day of rest?

LaRUSSA: Abe is in the lineup, had a good workout yesterday and he's ready to go.

Both Reggie and Larry came and got treatment. They are thumbs up.

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