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10/22/06 12:14 AM ET

Anthony Reyes postgame interview

Cardinals pitcher's fastball was key in Game 1

When Tony was in here we were talking to him a little bit about when he decided on you, what he would have been happy with to get from you. What would you have been happy with when the night started?

ANTHONY REYES: You know, I always try to go nine innings. That's always my goal. But if I get at least six, then I've given...

Tony was just talking about the hat. Could you just talk about the hat, why you wear it like that and the socks. Is there a genesis or reason for that?

ANTHONY REYES: The socks, I've had up since Little League, so I don't feel there's any reason to change now. But the hat helps me see a little bit, gets more light in, helps me see signs. So I usually just try to keep it flat so I can get those signs a little better.

You were drafted in 2002 by Detroit, how close were you or were you ever close to signing with the Tigers?

ANTHONY REYES: You know, I came off an injury in college when they drafted me, so I just figured, take the summer off and just heal up and try to go back to my last year of college.

What was the difference between the first inning and the second inning as far as you were concerned? It seemed you got settled in then.

ANTHONY REYES: I just tried to focus on the glove after all that happened and just forget about what type of level game this is, and just focus on the glove and whatever signs are put down, just try to hit them in the best I could, and not worry about anything else.

It looked after the first inning that you pretty much went with the fastball, and at times, did it feel easy out there tonight? You were in such command, I think you had 17 in a row at one point.

ANTHONY REYES: It's definitely not easy. But I tried to hit my corners, and I thought they might have been on the change-up maybe waiting for it, so I just felt there was no reason to throw it.

Are you able to appreciate what's going on while it's happening, while it's unfolding?

ANTHONY REYES: Not really. Now I can sit back and kind of relax and appreciate what I just did, during the time it's tough.

Were you nervous at all today? How were you feeling, and how did you spend the time right before the game?

ANTHONY REYES: I was a little nervous, not too much. I just came into the game, everyone told me stay focused, one pitch at a time. And I tried to focus on the mitt and not let anything else rattle me.

Will you try to put this in perspective as far as your year was concerned? I'm sure you anticipated being with the big club all season, kind of going up and down. Can you describe what that process has been like?

ANTHONY REYES: It's tough. I've never had anything come really easy for me. I didn't expect this year to be that easy, as well. Just going up and down it's tough, but I'm a day-to-day guy, and wherever I have to pitch is where I had to pitch. They said stay ready for the postseason, because you never know what happens, and I did and it worked out pretty nice for me.

When did you know that you were in a groove in this game? When did you feel that you had command of everything?

ANTHONY REYES: Warming up in the pen I was hitting my spots and I was throwing everything over the plate. It's always tough trying to come into the game and do the same thing, but I just focused on the mitt. And the first couple of pitches I threw out I knew I was going to hit the corners a little bit, I wasn't going to throw everything down the middle. Right off the bat I knew it was going to be a good day.

Can you describe how you keep your hat flat?

ANTHONY REYES: You know, it comes out of the box flat, I just don't bend it.

Do you do anything else to it?


After the first inning was it almost entire fastballs, did you throw much of anything else?

ANTHONY REYES: It just seemed like they were trying to sit on some other pitches, and I didn't feel like that was necessary to throw any other kind of pitch. Maybe just give a different look. But try to hit those corners.

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