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08/26/08 2:04 PM ET

Cards GM Mozeliak chats with fans

Mozeliak: Good afternoon I'm look forward to answering as many questions as possible ... let's begin.

matt_brit: Q: Do General Manages hold grudges with other teams taking their players rule 5 draft? And if so was the Anthony Reyes trade possibly with that in mind?

Mozeliak: We are all very competitive but I do not hold grudges. Reyes was someone that I realized we were not going to get any major league help from so therefore decided it was in our best interest to move him. I know he was appreciative as well.

matt_brit: Q: How much communication do you have with La Russa before acquiring a player, either by free agent or trade? Does he ever ask for certain players?

Mozeliak: I speak with Tony almost daily and he is part of the decision team when looking at player moves. I try to listen to all parties involved before concluding on a decision.

terrapin38: Q: What is the status of Randy Flores?

Mozeliak: Randy was optioned to Memphis and is currently throwing very well. He will rejoin the team when we expand our rosters in September.

cardzfan1: Q: I understand Colby Rasmus is playing for Palm Beach. Will he be brought up to Memphis to finish the season? We were thinking of going to Memphis to watch him play.

Mozeliak: Yes he will likely finish the season in Memphis, his health will dictate that.

redwhite74: Q: John, just wanted to say you have done a great job this year. To stay in contention while not mortgaging the future is not easy. My question is how much has Jason Motte improved and how much more potential does he have to improve?

Mozeliak: First thank you and second Jason Motte has had a good year and will getseriouss consideration for aSeptemberr call-up. He has an exciting arm and I think we need to see him at the higher level.

bobjohnsn9: Q: We are big fans of the annual Cardinals Caravan winter tour. Any chance you might make a trip this year? We'd love to see you out here in Cardinals nation!

Mozeliak: I'm a huge supporter of Caravan but my schedule typically does not permit me to travel. Where are you from? Perhaps I will make an effort to get there.

mdedmon85: Q: My question is regarding RHP Jess Todd of Memphis AAA. As fast as he has moved up with the Cardinals Farm Clubs this year, what are the chances of him being placed on the expanded roster come Sept. 1?

Mozeliak: Jesse Todd, he had a great year and has moved extremely fast. But with regard to September that is not likely.

klude: Q: How much longer is Ankiel under contract?

Mozeliak: Ankiel will be a 5+, and that means we control him for another year.

jstewey23: Q: Mo, thanks for taking the time to chat with us. What do you see in the future for Kyle McClellan. He has shown to be so effective in the pen but shows the pitches to be a starter. With some openings in the rotation next year where do you see him next year

Mozeliak: McClellan has done a great job for us and as we look to next year we will have to consider the following before making a decision. Health as a starter, need for a starter, and how he wants to be used will all be factored in.

thajager: Q: Hello sir! What can you tell us about our scouting in Asia and the rest of Int'l community? I think we were in on some of the big Latin names this year (Inoa and Yorman), but how much are we involved in the Asian leagues? Any chance we look hard at that

Mozeliak: We are currently scouting and investing heavily in Latin America. I believe you will soon see the fruits of our labor. Asian is also another area of growth, however we are walking before we run, so before we expand too quickly we are looking at best practices and ways for us transition over to finding more ways to be productive there.

jsisk: Q: Do you have any idea when tickets for next summer's All-Star game will go on sale?

Mozeliak: This still has not been determined, good luck!

cardsfan45: Q: Mr. Mozeliak, I am an MBA student with a Bachelor's degree in Economics. I want to work in the field of sports management and would love to have your job someday. How did you get your start and what advice could you give me?

Mozeliak: This has become a very competitive field, so the best way to break in is by demonstrating you bring value to a club. This could look like understanding the value of draft picks, creating a new metric, internationally looking at China. These are just few, good luck in your quest.

2onthebat: Q: What are the chances of future trades with the Reds?

Mozeliak: Anytime you try to deal within your division is difficult, and we have nothing going as of today but you never know.

molefan: Q: How about Ludwick, how much longer is he under contract?

Mozeliak: Ludwick will be a 3+, therefore we control him for another 3 years...good news!

Cardsrock2: Q: when is carpenter coming back

Mozeliak: Carpenter is feeling better and we are hopeful he will be back in the next week or so, but no firm date as of today.

scotch70: Q: What is the status of Jason Isringhausen?

Mozeliak: Isringhausen will take a few weeks off and then be re-evaluated to determine the next step.

4of5in06: Q: Will Brian Barden and David Freese be September call ups?

Mozeliak: All September Call-ups will be determined in the next few days so at that time I will provide a detail list.

cbags31: Q: Mo, just curious with the success that Brett Wallace has had this year and seemingly headed for Memphis at some point next year, are there any thoughts to a call up in September to give him a taste of the Majors?

Mozeliak: Waalace is heading to the Arizona Fall League, so September will not be in his future. He is having a great start at AA!

jogginjosh: Q: Speaking of Memphis, what is the latest with respect to renewing the association with Memphis to keep the Redbirds there, rather than moving to another city such as Indianapolis?

Mozeliak: We are still in discussions with Memphis and are hopeful we will be back.

gocrdnls25: Q: What is the future of Aaron Miles in a Cardinals uniform? I know he is due up for arbitration this offseason, he has been pretty effective this year for us

Mozeliak: Mr. Miles is a 5+ so he to is someone we control for one more year.

jmoore04: Q: How is Chris Duncan doing?

Mozeliak: Chris is improving and feels good. He has begun working out which is a real positive.

molefan: Q: What ever happened to Josh Kinney? He was great in 06 and we have not heard from him since

Mozeliak: Josh threw his first rehab game this past Sunday and is feeling great.

cbags31: Q: Has Glaus picked up his player option for next year or was that agreed upon when making the trade?

Mozeliak: That was part of the trade agreement.

ohiostatejamman: Q: Wanted to ask how you feel about the progress Brian Barton has made this year? I personally like him for an extra outfielder and as speed off the bench.

Mozeliak: He has done a good job in a difficult role, and I agree he does add speed to this roster.

mclelan1fn: Q: What does all of the 5+ or 3+ mean? How many pluses does in take to have control of a player for one year?

Mozeliak: Players with major league service time greater than 3 years and less than 6 are arbitration eligible. So if a player is a 4+ that simply means he has 4 years of service and will be compared to players in that same class to determine his salary for the following year.

Mozeliak: Thank you all for these great questions and I hope I was able to answer most of your questions. We have a big couple of days, so GO CARDS!!!

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