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02/23/09 6:12 PM EST

Rough BP session doesn't irk Kinney

Redbirds reliever focused on getting timing down on pitches

JUPITER, Fla. -- Josh Kinney lost nearly two years of his career due to elbow surgery, but if nothing else, the Cardinals' reliever gained some perspective.

Kinney endured a bit of a rough batting practice session on Monday. His mechanics, particularly his arm slot, were erratic throughout the throw. Pitching coach Dave Duncan spotted the inconsistency right from the start, but Kinney still couldn't quite get it sorted out.

At one point, it might have been a huge headache. For Kinney now, more like a minor annoyance.

"I feel great," he said. "It's a good problem to have. ... I've got no pain. My arm feels free and loose and easy. It's just a matter of harnessing that and getting the timing down to have my pitches where I want, to get the action on them that I want. I throw two or three the way I want to, and two or three in a way that [aren't as good]."

He'll keep trying to refine it, and he's certainly got time. Grapefruit League games begin on Wednesday, but it's still six weeks until Opening Day.

"His rhythm was inconsistent," Duncan said. "His arm slot was floating around a little bit. But it's not something that concerns me. It's just a day when it wasn't all clicking for him."

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