Slugger Richie Sexson had a family connection for quickly getting his favorite baseball cards growing up. His father owned a 7-Eleven store in his native Vancouver, Wash.

These days, Sexson is known for hitting tape-measure homers. But years ago, he used this very convenient situation to amass a big-time card collection.

MLBPLAYERS.COM: What cards did you pursue when you could get them at the store?

Sexson: I got like the '85 through '87 Topps, Donruss and Fleer sets. Most of them were free. They'd have extra stuff. I liked to collect from the get-go, but it (the 7-Eleven) made it easier to get them.

I was always trading and collecting them with buddies. It was mostly (Mark) McGwire, (Don) Mattingly, (Jose) Canseco. Those were pretty much the guys you went after, the ones you wanted to get. The rookie cards. I'm sure I got Ken Griffey's rookie.

MLBPLAYERS.COM: Which card above all did you desire?

Sexson: It was mostly McGwire. Back then everything was about McGwire. I always liked him. I was tall and lanky like he was; that's who you wanted to be. I never bothered him with the cards.

MLBPLAYERS.COM: Where did you first appear on a card?

Sexson: My first card was in pro ball (in) Burlington, N.C. We didn't have cards in Little League. The poses were fake, they looked pretty bad.

MLBPLAYERS.COM: Which are the hard-to-get Major League cards now that you've played for four teams?

Sexson: The first ones (with Cleveland). That was the toughest. I don't have a favorite. There are so many. My mom's got them.

-- Red Line Editorial