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Press Release

02/07/2009 3:16 PM ET
MLBPA response to Sports Illustrated report

NEW YORK, N.Y. -- The Major League Baseball Players Association today issued the following statement in response to this morning’s Sports Illustrated report.

“Information and documents relating to the results of the 2003 MLB testing program are both confidential and under seal by court orders. We are prohibited from confirming or denying any allegation about the test results of any particular player(s) by the collective bargaining agreement and by court orders. Anyone with knowledge of such documents who discloses their contents may be in violation of those court orders.

“As we have explained previously, in detail and in public (see, there was no improper tipping of players in 2004 about the timing of drug tests. As set forth in our letter to Chairman Waxman of the House Government Reform Committee, in September 2004 MLBPA attorneys met with certain players, but we are not able to confirm or deny the names of any of the players with whom we met.”