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Press Release

05/12/2011 2:16 PM ET
Michael Weiner issues statement regarding Civil Rights
Pior to Civil Rights Game, Major League Baseball discusses its role in furthering the civil rights movement

NEW YORK -- Major League Baseball Players Association executive director Michael Weiner today issued the following statement regarding civil rights and baseball's role in furthering the civil rights movement. Weiner's statement is being issued in advance of this weekend's Civil Rights Game and related activities in Atlanta, Ga.

"The Players Association is proud to join the Commissioner, the Philadelphia Phillies and the Atlanta Braves in this weekend’s important tribute to the heroic men and women of our country's civil rights movement -- men and women who have risked, and continue to risk, their lives to bring equality, freedom, and economic and political self-sufficiency to all Americans. And it is an opportunity to honor those in baseball -- such as Jackie Robinson, Larry Doby, Branch Rickey, Hank Thompson, Luis Castro and Roberto Clemente -- who not only integrated a sport, but helped integrate a nation.

"This weekend's ceremonies, events and games also are a reminder that despite all the progress our country has made, we have yet to achieve completely Reverend Martin Luther King’s dream of a nation that embodies the true meaning of the creed: "We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal." We continue to debate as a nation the application of this creed in many contexts, including employment, labor and immigration policies. This weekend, perhaps the best way to honor the sacrifices so many have made to create a more free and just society is not only to pay tribute to what these heroes have accomplished but to also acknowledge the work that remains to be done."