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Press Release

06/23/2016 7:00 PM ET
MLBPA statement on behalf of Boog Powell

The Major League Baseball Players Association today issued the following statement on behalf of Boog Powell:

"I am extremely disappointed to announce that today I have accepted a penalty under MLB's Joint Drug Treatment and Prevention Program. While I realize this has become a common refrain among athletes faced with such discipline, the truth is I do not know how this substance could possibly have been in my system. I can only say that this is not a reflection of my true character, and those who know me understand the deep respect I have for my fellow competitors and teammates. I would never betray that by attempting to gain an improper advantage.

"I have already taken proactive steps to look into this situation, and will not rest until there is a full explanation for this result which will vindicate me. Until that happens, however, I realize that accountability rests solely with me on this matter. I am responsible for everything I put in my body, and part of that responsibility means dealing with the consequences regardless of the explanation. I would like to apologize to my family, friends, the Seattle Mariners organization and its fans for this situation, and I will work to rebuild trust with each of you through my words and actions moving forward. I promise you, I will find a solution to all of this."