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Press Release

06/27/2011 5:47 PM ET
Capps, Cuddyer, Repko and Valencia to provide Minneapolis-area children with an unforgettable day at the ballpark

MINNEAPOLIS -- Prior to Monday night’s game at Target Field, Twins players Matt Capps, Michael Cuddyer, Jason Repko and Danny Valencia will provide everlasting memories to a group of 50 students from Volunteers of America-Minnesota, as the Major League Baseball Players Trust’s Buses for Baseball program motors into Minneapolis.

Volunteers of America-Minnesota is a non-profit organization founded in 1896 which offers a wide variety of services for more than 26,500 children, adolescents and their families, older adults, students, persons with disabilities and special needs, and adults completing rehabilitation programs each year. The Twins players will welcome guests from Volunteers of America-Minnesota’s Family Treatment and Foster Care program, Children’s Residential Treatment Center, Omegon Residential Treatment Center and Deaf and Hard of Hearing Mental Health Program.

Courtesy of the Players Trust, the students will receive round-trip transportation to the game, meet the players, and receive free tickets, food, beverages and souvenirs.

This season, Buses for Baseball will provide transportation and personal greetings for more than 750 underprivileged children attending Major League Baseball games as invited guests of their big league heroes. Buses for Baseball will provide many of the children with their first chance to attend a Major League Baseball game.

The Players Trust enjoys support from the Minnesota Twins organization in providing this unique, up close and personal opportunity to share the thrill of Major League Baseball with those less fortunate.

To watch a brief video featuring the Buses for Baseball program, please visit the Players Trust Channel on YouTube at