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Press Release

07/30/2009 5:12 PM ET
MLBPA response to New York Times report

NEW YORK -- Major League Baseball Players Association Executive Director Donald M. Fehr issued the following statement in response to today’s report in The New York Times.

“Today The New York Times, once again, reports what it asserts to be information contained in documents under court seal. And precisely for that reason, the Players Association will not, indeed cannot, comment on whether the information is accurate. But there should be no mistake. The leaking of information under a court seal is a crime. The active pursuit of information that may not lawfully be disclosed because it is under court seal is a crime. That its informants, according to the Times, are lawyers is both shocking and sad. That the Times is pursuing and publishing what it openly declares to be information which may not be legally disclosed is equally sad.

“We intend to take the appropriate legal steps to see that the court orders are enforced.”