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Press Release

11/23/2011 9:48 AM ET
Update on status of several 2011-12 free agents

As a result of the collective bargaining process, the Commissioner's Office and the Players Association have agreed to modify free agent Draft pick compensation for a select group of Type A free agents. Only the following players are affected by this agreement.

Five Type A players will be treated as Type B players. The clubs will not have to offer arbitration to the new Type B players to receive compensation. Those players are:

Matt Capps
Francisco Cordero
Octavio Dotel
Ramon Hernandez
Darren Oliver

A club that signs one of the following six Type A players shall not forfeit a regular Draft choice to the player's former Club. If the Player's former club offers the player arbitration, and the player declines the offer, the former club shall receive: (a) a Draft choice in the same round and immediately prior to the draft choice that the signing club otherwise would have forfeited, and (b) a compensation round selection. Those six Type A players are:

Heath Bell
Michael Cuddyer
Kelly Johnson
Ryan Madson
Francisco Rodriguez
Josh Willingham

All other Type A players must be offered arbitration by midnight on Nov. 23 in order to preserve the club's right to arbitration. Under their contract terms Carlos Beltran and Takashi Saito cannot be offered arbitration.