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Not your typical ballpark

All About Kids
Citizens Bank Games of Baseball

Located in Ashburn Alley near the Right Field Gate entrance, this unique entertainment area features three free games presented by Citizens Bank - Ring 'Em Up, Run the Bases and Phan Trivia Challenge. Guests receive coupons for their participation to redeem at the Citizens Bank kiosk (also located in Ashburn Alley) for various prizes.

Make Your Own Phanatic

Guests, young and old, can pick out a miniature Phillie Phanatic, stuff it and dress it in one of the Phanatic's outfits.

This exclusive Citizens Bank Park feature is managed by Build-A-Bear Workshop and is located on the Main Concourse near Section 135.

Phanatic Attic

The second level of the Majestic Clubhouse Store, located adjacent to the Third Base Gate, is dedicated to Phanatic retail merchandise and geared to kids. The store, which features an 8-foot fiberglass Phanatic, is open on non-game days from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Saturday.

Phanatic Phood Stand & Phanatic Kid's Corner The Phood Stand, located in Ashburn Alley, and the Kid's Corner, located behind Section 318, offer portions just the right size for young Phillies guests. Pick up Phanatic Phun Meals, kid-sized hot dogs, pretzels, drinks and a whole lot more.

Phanatic Phun Zone

Located near the First Base Gate, the Phanatic Phun Zone gives children eight and under an opportunity to climb, explore, play games and have the slide of their lives as they venture through a giant soft play area.

A junior Phanatic Phun Zone is also available for youngsters two years of age and under.

Phanatic Shoe Slide

A giant Phanatic Shoe Slide for youngsters (4-9 years of age) is behind Section 317 on the Terrace Level.

Sunday Starting Nine

Kids 14 and under who wear Phillies colors to Citizens Bank Park on Sundays could be randomly selected for this unique experience.

Nine lucky youngsters are introduced pre-game by PA announcer Dan Baker and stand on the field with the nine Phillies starters for the National Anthem.

The "Angle"

The uniqueness of Citizens Bank Park carries over to the playing field with "Angle." The outfield wall, located between the left-center field power alley and dead center field, angles into the playing field and has heights that taper from 19' to 12' 8". Batted balls hitting the "Angle" are sure to create havoc for outfielders and produce some interesting extra-base hits.

Architectural Design

The exterior architecture - comprised primarily of multiple shades of red brick, precast concrete and granite complemented by the green roofs with a copper patina finish - combines the essence of Philadelphia's rich tradition of sports architecture with an unmistakably 21st century style.

Black accent bricks patterned in the shape of baseball diamonds are inlaid across the top of the three primary facades. Additionally, along Pattison Avenue, the black bricks spell the word "Philadelphia" in 12' high letters. The ballpark architecture is a welcome addition to this historic city.

At the four corners of the site, landscaped entrance plazas open the park to the street. Each of these entrance plazas has a distinct character and focus, echoing the City of Philadelphia design plan with its four unique squares. Approaching the entrance plazas, the steel-framed seating bowl and twin light towers flank the primary entrances - which lead to the open-air main concourse and an open view to the playing field.

With the Philadelphia city skyline as the backdrop, the ballpark features bowl-style seating with the playing field scooped out 23 feet below street level. The seating bowl layout is inspired by the classic plans of Baker Bowl and Connie Mack Stadium, former homes of the Phillies. Like Connie Mack Stadium, the upper and lower decks do not correspond exactly in plan. The cantilevered steel structure allows for more open seating areas.

The walk-around, open-air concourses offer a contin-uous, uninterrupted view of the field. Guests can now enjoy the game whether they are in a seat, a concourse, a restaurant, a suite or a club lounge.

Artwork in the Ballpark
Fine Art

Original artwork by Hall of Fame artist Dick Perez is on display in Cooperstown Gallery located in the Hall of Fame Club.The Diamond Club features original artwork by Philadelphia-area artist Dane Tilghman.

Max Mason, a renowned local artist, has three murals displayed in Harry the K's Broadcast Bar & Grille. Unique tile mosaics by local artist Jonathan Mandell are displayed on the Main Concourse level.


World-renowned sculptor Zenos Frudakis has created four 10-foot tall bronze statues of Phillies Hall of Famers Richie Ashburn, Robin Roberts, Steve Carlton and Mike Schmidt. In addition, the Phillies relocated the Connie Mack statue that was part of the Veterans Stadium and Connie Mack Stadium experiences. Mr. Mack's statue is located on the west side of Citizens Bank Way. The four Joe Brown statues that graced the Vet will be relocated to the perimeter of the parking lot being constructed where Veterans Stadium once stood.

Terrazzo Floors

Thirty-one images of popular Phillies Alumni outlined in action poses are featured in a terrazzo tile floor in the Suite and Club Entrance on Pattison Avenue.

Another terrazzo floor can be found in the Diamond Club.

Veterans Memorial

To commemorate the site of Veterans Stadium, the Phillies built a monument as an everlasting memorial to veterans. The granite-covered memorial is prominently located on Pattison Avenue and includes bronze plaques representing the Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard and POW/MIA. Surrounding the memorial are seven poles that display the American, Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard and POW/MIA flags. The flags fly year-round.

Ashburn Alley

A festive outfield entertainment area open to all guests that is named in honor of Phillies legend Richie Ashburn, Ashburn Alley features a retail store (Alley Store), a variety of concession options with Philadelphia flavor, including Bull's BBQ, and picnic tables. It opens 2 1/2 hours prior game time so fans can watch batting practice. Guests may enter Ashburn Alley through the Left Field Gate. This fun area spans the entire outfield concourse and includes:

Alley Hour

Concession specials are available each game for the first hour Ashburn Alley is open. Specials will be posted at the Ashburn Alley and Left Field Gate.

All-Star Walk

Granite markers featuring Phillies All-Stars since the first All-Star Game in 1933 are on display along Ashburn Alley. Additions will take place annually as Phillies players receive All-Star honors.


Guests have the chance to view the bi-level bullpens and watch pitchers from both teams warm up. A special viewing platform located in Memory Lane includes instructional pitching plaques and a unique peek into the bullpens.

Citizens Bank Games of Baseball

Located in Ashburn Alley near the Right Field Gate entrance, this unique entertainment area features three free games presented by Citizens Bank - Ring 'Em Up, Run the Bases and Phan Trivia Challenge. Guests may redeem coupons at the Citizens Bank kiosk (also located in Ashburn Alley) for various prizes.

Memory Lane

Located on the back of the batter's eye walls is an illustrated history of Philadelphia baseball, including the Phillies, Philadelphia Athletics and Negro League teams in the city.

Rooftop Bleacher Seats

The Phillies are bringing back rooftop bleacher seats, a Shibe Park phenomenon of the 1920s when residents of 20th Street built bleacher seats on top of their roofs. The seats are located on top of the buildings along Ashburn Alley.

Wall of Fame

Bronze plaques of the players enshrined in the Phillies Wall of Fame that started at Veterans Stadium in 1978 are on display in Memory Lane.

The Break

Citizens Bank Park is designed with a unique construction "break" in the Hall of Fame Club/Pavilion Level (near Section 210). The "break" lowers the entire right field Pavilion Deck approximately 20 feet, moving those seats lower and closer to the playing field. It also provides a viewing platform that allows guests to see the game and catch a glimpse of the Philadelphia skyline.

Citizens Ballpark Bankers

These all-star bankers, courtesy of Citizens Bank, are here every game to provide guests with a memorable experience at Citizens Bank Park. From encouraging guests at the Citizens Bank Games of Baseball (located in Ashburn Alley) to passing out special treats, these friendly faces will surprise and delight fans with a host of great gifts, ideas and information...all to ensure that your trip to Citizens Bank Park is the best experience in baseball.

City Skyline

Citizens Bank Park is designed with an open outfield, providing guests with a fantastic view of the Center City skyline.


A wide variety of food and beverages is available throughout the ballpark at permanent locations, numerous portable stands and two restaurants. Citizens Bank Park includes not only traditional ballpark fare but also plenty of foods with Philadelphia flavor. The concessionaire is a joint venture involving ARAMARK, the Phillies and World Wide Concessions.

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A unique feature of the park is the 360-degree openness of the Main Concourse that gives fans a continuous, uninterrupted view of the field. It enables fans to stay in touch with the game if they leave their seats for a trip to the concession stands. The Terrace Level Concourse has a similar openness.

Cooperstown Gallery

Located in the Hall of Fame Club behind the Press Box, Cooperstown Gallery contains 32 oil paintings of Hall of Fame players from the Phillies, Philadelphia Athletics and Native Sons who are enshrined in the Baseball Hall of Fame. Cooperstown Gallery is one of the many stops on the ballpark tours.

Diamond Club

The luxurious Diamond Club, featuring 1,277 extra-wide, padded seats, is located behind home plate and offers unparalleled sightlines along with an amenities package that includes in-seat wait service. Members have access to the climate-controlled Diamond Clubhouse Lounge that features a pre-game buffet, upscale concessions, a full-service bar and views of the indoor batting cages used by the Phillies and their opponent.

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Hall of Fame Club

Premium seating located primarily in the infield on the Hall of Fame Club Level, the Club unites spectacular sightlines with first-class amenities. The 2,500-seat area provides the luxury of a padded seat along with access to private, climate-controlled lounges featuring two full-service bars, large screen TVs and upscale food.

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Liberty Bell Home Run Spectacular

Towering 100 feet above street level, the Liberty Bell rings after every Phillies home run. The bell and clapper sway from side to side independently, its neon edges light and pulsate and its ring can be heard throughout the park. The 35-foot by 50-foot Liberty Bell is located in right-center field.

Majestic Clubhouse Store

The expansive team store featuring official Phillies merchandise is located adjacent to the Third Base Gate and open during the games. Hours for non-game days: 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Saturday. It is closed on Sundays (unless the team is home) and for all major holidays. Enter from outside or inside the park behind Section 134.

Alley Store

Official Phillies merchandise is also available at this team store located in Ashburn Alley, which is open during home games.

Home Stands

Official Phillies merchandise is also available at these permanent stands located behind Sections 121, 133, 207 and 317.

Phanatic Attic

The second level of the Majestic Clubhouse Store is dedicated to Phanatic retail merchandise and geared to children. Hours: same as Majestic Clubhouse Store. Open year-round. Public Tours start and end next to the Phanatic Attic.

Portable Kiosks

Located behind Sections 106, 113, 210 and 321. There is also one in the Diamond Club; the Hall of Fame Club features two armoires located behind Sections 216 and 226.

Starting Lineup

Who's in the starting lineup for the Phillies? Prior to every game, the Phillies reveal their starting lineup by displaying large Topps baseball cards on the wall behind the scoreboard adjacent to the Left Field Gate.


Luxurious Suites are located directly above the Field Level seats and afford spectacular views of the action. A total of 70 Suites are accessible by a balcony that overlooks the Main Concourse. Inside the Suites, guests are treated to state-of-the-art amenities including upscale catering, comfortable seating and furnishings that carry a distinct baseball flavor.

Video Board

The largest LED video display board in the National League (39'5" x 69'7") anchors the scoreboard system above Harry the K's.