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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Giants Ticket office located and what are the hours?

The Giants Ticket Services Office is located on King Street, next to the Will Call windows and adjacent to Willie Mays Plaza. There is a banner that says "Ticket Office" just above our entrance. Enter through the door marked Ticket Services, located almost directly under the ballpark's main clock tower and next to the two ATM machines. The office is open from 8:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, and during all Giants home games through the third inning.

What should I do if my tickets are lost or stolen?

In the event that season tickets are lost or stolen, the Giants can re-issue and reprint the tickets provided the following information can be confirmed: that the original tickets have not entered the ballpark and that it is the official account holder of record initiating the request. If the tickets have been stolen and a police report has been filed, the Giants will reprint the ticket(s) at no charge to the Season Ticket Member.

If the tickets have been used and are already inside the ballpark, the customer will be required to purchase new tickets, subject to availability. Please remember that tickets are like cash and should be kept in a safe place. Unfortunately, lost or forgotten parking passes cannot be verified; therefore, under no circumstances will parking passes be reprinted or reissued.

Under no circumstances are the Giants able to reprint or reissue tickets that are purchased for individual games.

How do I change the address on my account?

There are two ways for a Season Ticket Member to submit a change of address to the Giants:

  1. Submit a letter requesting the change, which should include: season ticket account number,contact name, old address, new address, daytime phone number and authorizing signature. Either fax (415-972-2416) or mail in the request to:
    San Francisco Giants
    Client Relations
    24 Willie Mays Plaza
    San Francisco, CA 94107
  2. Log on to your My SF Tix account. You will be able to make all address, phone and email address updates through that system. Please note, however, that this will only change your billing address. If you would like to change your shipping address, and it is different than your billing address, please contact as directed above.
    Log into My SF Tix account

To distinguish corporate accounts from individual accounts, the formats should be as follows:
Corporate Account
ABC Company, Jane Doe, 100 Elm Street, Baseballtown, CA 99999

Individual Account
Jane Doe, c/o ABC Company, 100 Elm Street, Baseballtown, CA 99999

The name appearing on the first line of the account is responsible for making any change of address requests. All requests are subject to verification by the San Francisco Giants.

Can I sell my tickets if I know I will not be attending a game?

Season Ticket Members may sell, electronically transfer and donate game tickets by accessing their My SF Tix account. Proceeds from selling your tickets will either be credited to your account, paid via check, or transferred into your PayPal account. You may also donate your tickets at My SF Tix. Information regarding these options is available at or you can contact your Client Relations Account Manager for tips on how to use My SF Tix.
Log into My SF Tix account

Please note that the Giants are not able to exchange or credit any tickets for games that have passed.

How do I transfer my ownership of my Charter Seats?

You may do so by completing the transfer form you received with your Charter Seat license agreement (or by requesting a form from your Client Relations Account Manager) and mailing it to:

San Francisco Giants
Client Relations
24 Willie Mays Plaza
San Francisco, CA 94107

There is a $200 fee per transaction to transfer the ownership of a Charter license. If you are a non-Charter Season Ticket Member wanting to transfer your seats, you may do so by filling out a similar form at no cost. Contact your Client Relations Account Manager for assistance.

Can I upgrade to Charter seats?

Because other Charter Seat license holders would have to forfeit their rights and invested license fees to their seats in order for seat inventory to become available, it is not likely for the Giants to be able to offer you an opportunity to move your location. In the case that they do become available, the Client Relations Account Manager will be able to contact accounts, based on longevity, to offer a possible seat relocation. You can also view our Charter License Marketplace, where you can see current Charter Seats that are available for sale by existing license holders. You may purchase any available license that has been posted for sale by a current license holder. You can also sell your existing licenses on this site. For questions, please contact your Client Relations Account Manager.

How do I upgrade my Season Ticket Member seats?

We anticipate Season Ticket Members to continue to renew at a very high rate. But if fans choose not to renew their season tickets, we will use those vacated seats to upgrade Season Ticket Members in priority order based on longevity. You will be contacted if and when this opportunity is available to you.

Where can I purchase additional game day tickets?

You may purchase tickets at the AT&T Park ticket windows, select Giants Dugout Stores, and at You may also contact your Client Relations Account Manager for special assistance.

How can I get disabled seating?

If you know in advance which date(s) you may need accessible seating, you may call your Client Relations Account Manager or the Season Ticket Member Hotline (415-972-BALL) during regular business hours to arrange the purchase or exchange of accessible seats. If you are doing so on a game day, go to the Ticket Services window at Will Call and ask for assistance. This window is located closest to Willie Mays Plaza facing King Street.

How can I find my brick?

Only Charter Seat holders who purchased their licenses prior to 1999 had bricks created and installed in Willie Mays Plaza. Bricks cannot be changed or moved at this point. Additional bricks cannot be produced. To find your brick use our Online Brick Locator»

How can I request a Videoboard message?

Videoboard messages are limited and accepted on a first-come, first-served basis by calling 415-972-2349, or you may request a Videoboard online »

How can I purchase group seats or rent a suite?

If you are interested in bringing a Group (25 of more) or renting out a suite for an upcoming game, you may call the Giants Sales Department at 415-972-2298 for group availability and information. You may also email them at Group locations can sell out fast, so please call at your earliest convenience.

What is the policy for postseason tickets?

All Season Ticket Members will have the opportunity to purchase their same seats for all Postseason games played at AT&T Park. All Postseason tickets will be sold in strip form, and will include a tie-breaker ticket, if needed. Postseason strips include ALL possible Postseason games. Based on the standings, expect to see information and accompanying invoices for the Postseason via regular mail sometime in August.

Can I resell my tickets to the public at the ball park?

The unauthorized resale of tickets in, on or around AT&T Park property is NOT permitted under any circumstance and is prohibited by law. The Giants and their affiliates will address any such violation appropriately and the San Francisco Police Department will enforce California Penal Code Sec. 346 and M.P.C. 869. People caught selling tickets in violation of the law may have their tickets and their right to future tickets to AT&T Park revoked. To avoid using counterfeit or stolen tickets, please purchase tickets through authorized Giants ticket outlets only.

What happens in the event of a rain delay or postponement?

Every possible effort will be made to play any given game, but if a game is postponed (i.e., due to severe inclement weather) and the game is rescheduled for a later date, you will need to use your original ticket to attend the rescheduled game. Please hold on to your ticket! If the postponed game is canceled for any reason, you may request a refund. Season Ticket Members will automatically receive a credit on their account for any canceled games. All tickets purchased through the Giants (e.g. at the ballpark ticket office or at Giants Dugout Stores) must be submitted to the AT&T Park Ticket Office by mailing your tickets and request to: AT&T Park, Attn: Giants Ticket/Client Relations Department, 24 Willie Mays Plaza, San Francisco, CA 94107. All tickets purchased through must be returned to the point of purchase to receive a full refund. You may also obtain a refund by mail by sending your ticket and request to: Refunds, P.O. Box 272127, Concord, CA 94527-2127.

Can I exchange my tickets?

Both season tickets and individually purchased tickets cannot be exchanged for a different game. For Accessible Seating (ADA) exchanges for the same game, you can always contact your Client Relations Manager for assistance.

Is there an age requirement for tickets?

All fans entering AT&T Park who are 2 years of age or older must have a valid ticket. Any child under 24 months does not require a ticket & must sit on the lap of an accompanying adult

What is the ticket taking process when I get to the gate?

Automated turnstiles are used at AT&T Park so please remember to keep your ticket(s) in good condition.

Where is Will Call?

The Will Call windows are located next to the AT&T Park Ticket Services Office along King Street and just off of Willie Mays Plaza. Tickets purchased by phone, online, and tickets transferred to you through Ticket Relay can be picked up at our kiosk stations located by ticket Window 15, starting four hours before each game.

At the kiosks, you may pick up your tickets by simply swiping the credit card used to purchase the tickets. Ticket Relay users can pick-up tickets at our automated Will Call kiosks by swiping the card that has been registered on-line.

Will Call windows at AT&T Park open three hours prior to the start of each home game. Fans who need to claim their tickets from Will Call must present valid photo I.D., and if required, the credit card used to make the original transaction. Will Call tickets can only be released to the party whose name appears as part of the original ticket order/transaction.

Fans who wish to leave tickets at Will Call for friends, family or clients may do so at their own risk. Fans will be required to fill out a third-party Will Call envelope and include tickets. The Giants do not assume any responsibility for any unclaimed third-party Will Call tickets. Fans are advised to claim their Will Call tickets as early as possible (including using the automated Will Call kiosks at Willie Mays Plaza). Will Call lines often become most congested approximately 30 minutes prior to each home game.

Where can I purchase giants merchandise?

Giants merchandise can be purchased at the eight Giants Dugout Stores, online at online at, or at in-park merchandise kiosks. Guests will find a wide variety of gifts and souvenirs at AT&T Park's 15 merchandise locations, including two Giants team stores located behind home plate on the Promenade and View levels.

Can I get autographs from the players while at AT&T Park?

Sunday is the Giants' official autograph day, with players signing from the Bullpen Boxes in Sections 104/105 and 126/127 following the conclusion of batting practice. Autographs are for kids 16 and younger. Guests must have a special ticket to obtain an autograph. Ballpark ushers begin issuing autograph tickets on a first-come, first-served basis as soon as the gates open at the top of each designated section. On all other days, guests may seek autographs from the time the gates open until the end of batting practice. If guests are seeking autographs in a seating section other than their own, they may be asked to proceed to their designated seating section. Autograph Sundays are held at management discretion and may be canceled without advance notice.

Can I bring my camera with me to the game?

Cameras and video equipment are allowed in AT&T Park. However, the equipment may not obstruct the view of others. Guests are not allowed to reproduce or re-broadcast any film or videotape of Giants games for commercial purposes without written permission from the San Francisco Giants and Major League Baseball. The Giants reserve the right to ask patrons to put cameras or video equipment away

What items are not allowed in AT&T Park?

  • No alcohol (including non-alcoholic beer and wine) or illegal drugs may be brought into AT&T Park. Anyone drinking under the legal age, using illegal drugs, or breaking any other laws will be subject to immediate ejection and criminal prosecution. Any guest perceived to be in an intoxicated or impaired state might be denied admission to the park.
  • AT&T Park is a Smoke-Free ballpark. Guests who fail to comply with AT&T Park's No-Smoking policy will be asked to exit the ballpark. Anyone using obscene or abusive language or engaging in any other antisocial conduct offensive to those around them will be asked by Giants personnel or the SFPD to cease the conduct. If the problem persists, appropriate action will be taken.
  • Guests entering the playing field or throwing (or attempting to throw) objects, with the exception of home run balls, in the stands or onto the field will be immediately ejected and subject to prosecution and a $1,000 fine. Interfering while a ball is in play is subject to ejection per Giants management discretion.
  • Guests should keep their ticket stubs with them at all times. Advise guests to place children's ticket stubs in the child's pocket or pin it to a shirt or jacket. Tickets must be shown to any/all ballpark employees and SFPD personnel upon request.
  • Sealed plastic bottles and soft-sided juice containers containing non-alcoholic beverages are allowed in AT&T Park (except in the Luxury Suites). Unsealed plastic bottles and soft-sided containers will be subject to inspection and may be confiscated. Glass and metal cans are not permitted for any game. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted from outside the ballpark for any game.
  • Items intended for sale or trade may not be brought onto AT&T Park property, including the main parking lot, without a permit, concession license or lease from the San Francisco Giants.
  • Air horns are prohibited in the park. These items may be confiscated until the end of the game.
  • Tailgating is allowed only in specially designated areas of the AT&T Park parking lot, or in the space occupied by the guest's car. Only one parking space is allowed per vehicle.
  • Large bags measuring OVER 16" x 16" x 8" are NOT allowed into the ballpark. All permitted bags including purses, briefcases, and diaper bags (smaller than 16" x 16" x 8") will be searched before entering the park. Fans are encouraged to arrive early and to allow additional time when entering the park. Per MLB guidelines, NO HARD-SIDED (soft-sided OK) coolers will be allowed. (Lil Oscar's, Coleman lunch style included.) All bags and containers are subject to search.

Where are the ATM machines located at AT&T Park?

ATMs are located outside four of the six entrances at AT&T Park. Inside the park, ATMs are located in the Second and King Street and Lefty O'Doul areas on the Promenade Level; near the concierge desk on the Virgin America Club Level; and near the Willie Mays Lobby on the View Level

Who do I contact about Lost & Found?

If a guest has lost an item during the game, he/she should contact the nearest Ballpark Operations or Guest Services staff member for assistance. All found items may also be turned into Ballpark Operations or Guest Services staff. Items will be held for one week. Unclaimed items will be donated to charity. Guests must call Guest Services at (415)972-2156 and leave a detailed description of their lost item with the time, date and location of where they think the item was misplaced. Guests may also e-mail Lost and Found at with this information. Guests who have lost an item on the Oracle Suite Level can call (415) 972-2100. Guests will be contacted only if their item is found.

I am not receiving my e-mail updates. What should I do?

We send a variety of emails with offers and information to your season tickets. To make sure you are receiving the emails, please add the following email address to your contact list:,,,,

What methods of transportation are available to the ball park?

Since AT&T Park opened in 2000, it has been known as one of the most transit friendly ballpark's in the country. It is conveniently accessible by all public transit systems servicing the San Francisco Bay Area. Encouraging fans to take public or alternative modes (to the automobile) of transportation to the ballpark was the Giants very first green initiative and one they have been committed to ever since fans started arriving at the park. The results have been nothing but positive as more than half the fans traveling to AT&T Park do so by bus, train or ferry. Many fans also walk or ride their bike, with on-site valet bike parking available. The Giants work closely with the public transit agencies to ensure convenient public transit schedules for fans, host public awareness days with the transit agencies and continually remind fans of the benefits of public transit. More Information

Are there any coupons or special discounts for Season Ticket Members?

In the back of your season ticket booklet for each seat purchased you can find your Season Ticket Member I.D. card. Included on this I.D. card, you will find a 20% off discount card for Giants Dugout Stores.

How can I obtain the Giants Magazine?

Giants magazine, the official program of the Giants, features in-depth stories and the latest news on the team, a player roster, a scorecard and useful information about AT&T Park. The six-issue publication is sold at souvenir stands throughout the ballpark, at all Giants Dugout Stores and online at