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Spring Training

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get your tickets The Red Sox schedule features home games at City of Palms Park as well as several road games.
Sights and Sounds
• Matsuzaka tosses five no-hit innings:  350K
• Matsuzaka fans seven:  350K
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Spring Training Park
ballpark Get directions, area information and more on the Red Sox Spring Training home, City of Palms Park.
Home Spring Training Schedule
 Date Opponent Time / Score  
 February 21 Northeastern U. W, 3-0
* vs. Northeastern *
 February 21 Boston College W, 11-1
* vs. Boston College *
 February 23 Rays L, 3-4
 February 26 Cardinals L, 4-15
 March 1 Pirates W, 5-2
 March 3 Yankees L, 2-5
 March 4 Rays W, 5-1
 March 5 Puerto Rico W, 4-3
* vs. Puerto Rico (WBC) *
 March 6 Pirates L, 3-9
 March 8 Twins L, 0-2
 March 9 Orioles L, 2-5
 March 12 Blue Jays W, 5-3
 March 15 Twins W, 5-0
 March 17 Rays W, 5-1
 March 19 Orioles L, 7-8
 March 21 Phillies W, 6-1
 March 23 Pirates L, 3-5
 March 27 Marlins L, 1-5
 March 28 Twins W, 6-1
 March 30 Twins W, 4-2
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