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Busch Stadium
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Busch Stadium: Home of the Cardinals

In the mid-1950s, several years after he persuaded the board of directors of Anheuser-Busch to purchase the St. Louis Cardinals, August A. Busch Jr. decided that if the team was to prosper and attract the fans necessary to support a major league franchise, it would have to move to a new stadium.

Mr. Busch took his idea for a new stadium in downtown St. Louis to city officials and civic leaders. Their interest in a major redevelopment of the downtown area and the idea that a new stadium could serve as the focal point for their efforts, paved the way for the laying of groundwork for the project.

In 1964, ground was broken, and on May 12, 1966, Busch Stadium officially opened as the new home of the St. Louis Cardinals. In a 12-inning inaugural, the Cardinals defeated the Atlanta Braves, 4-3.

Looking back over the stadium's 38-year past, it is clear that Mr. Busch and others involved in the project accurately anticipated that the new stadium would spur a rebirth of downtown St. Louis. With Busch Stadium as the focal point, the redevelopment of the downtown area has been marked by the addition of new office buildings, hotels, shopping complexes, parking garages and other facilities, including the International Bowling Hall of Fame and Museum and the Cardinals Hall of Fame.

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