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Busch Stadium History
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Recent improvements include the installation in 1997 of a hand-operated scoreboard flanked by flag decks commemorating the club's World Series championships and retired numbers; the return in 1996 to a natural-grass playing surface, which replaced the artificial turf that had been in place since 1970; the opening in 1996 of the Family Pavilion, featuring a variety of games and attractions for families and children, and Homer's Landing, a picnic area located above the bullpen in left-center field; and the return of a more traditional "ballpark green" color scheme for the outfield fence and stadium trim.

Other improvements include the installation in 1993 of a state-of-the-art sound system and a new large-screen video display, a Diamond Vision MARK III High Contrast system by Mitsubishi Electronics. Prior to the 1995 season, a Plaza of Champions monument display honoring the Cardinals World Championship teams was erected near the Stan Musial statue. The Stadium Club was totally renovated and included the addition of a sports-themed bar.

Busch Stadium's basic structure is concrete. The stadium is basically a two-deck facility with about half its seats in each deck. The seats completely surround the field without posts or columns to obstruct fans' views. The nearly circular structure has an outside diameter of more than 800 feet, covers more than 12 acres and is 130-feet tall, measured from the playing field to the top of the stadium.

The playing field at Busch Stadium is 10 to 30 feet lower than street level. Spectators move from the entrance level either up or down to seating areas. There are eight major entrances.

Busch Stadium capacity is 50,345.

Union Park
League Park
Robison Field
Sportsman's Park
*Busch Stadium (Grand Ave.)
Busch Stadium (Stadium Plaza)
New Busch Stadium
Spring of 2006
    Sportsman's Park *Sportsman's Park was renamed and retro-fitted after Anheuser-Busch purchased the club in 1953.