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Got Fred?

Birds of a Feather Flock Together. Be part of something special. Join our digital community and share in the fun. Follow the Cardinals on social media. Are you a Fredhead?

Are you a Fredhead?

What are Fredheads? While the term started as a nickname for Fredbird's biggest fans, as well as the club's loyal social media groupies, today it has been enthusiastically embraced by fans young and old.

A Fredhead embodies - beak and all - the spirit of what it means to follow the Cardinals on social media, celebrate the team and rally behind the bird, the best team and the best fans in baseball.

Being a Fredhead means you are part of the special community... united in your devotion to baseball's greatest team... linked together in fellowship with other loyal fans who collectively comprise one united and powerful Cardinals Nation.

Got Fred?

Show The World You are Proud to Be A Fredhead Too!

Show the world you support the Cardinals and you are proud to call yourself a Fredhead - post your image to Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #Fredhead

St. Louis Cardinals Social Media

Be sure to follow the Cardinals on social media to get the ultimate insiders look into the team, as well as valuable offers.

The Cardinals various social media efforts, such as the Stand for Stan Campaign, Facebook Fridays with Fredbird, and #NestFlix have all been designed to enhance how fans interact with the club.

Fans can learn more about how to connect with the club on social media by visiting