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Cardinals Hall of Fame Museum

This month in Cards history

On Aug. 1, 1985, Vince Coleman and Willie McGee shared a unique moment in Cardinals history -- they stole four bases on one pitch. In the first inning at Wrigley Field, Coleman broke for third; McGee followed suit and stole second but Coleman slid over third base. With nowhere to go, Coleman broke for home and scored after the Cubs failed to cover the plate. McGee stole third behind him, and both players went on to receive Postseason honors with Coleman taking the NL Rookie of the Year Award while McGee won the NL MVP.

Interesting Fact

On his way to winning the NL MVP award, Cardinals pitcher Mort Cooper engaged in one of the most unique superstitions in franchise history. Stuck on his 13th win (which was his uniform number) for over a month in 1942, Cooper wore Gus Mancuso's number 14 jersey and notched the victory on Aug. 14. Cooper continued the garment switching on his way to a 22-7 record. His "changing style" also helped the team to a franchise-record 106 wins and the World Series title.

Featured Object

There's nothing like a triumphant return and few players have done so with more flair than Rick Ankiel. Following his MLB debut as a pitcher in 1999, Ankiel became a fan-favorite but developed control problems. He retired from the mound in 2005. He announced he would make it back to the Majors as an outfielder and made good on his promise on Aug. 9, 2007. Ankiel put his stamp on the occasion with a three-run homer. Shown here is one of Ankiel's jerseys from his comeback season in the Cardinals Museum collection.