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Cardinals Hall of Fame Museum

This month in Cards history

One of the more notable trades in Cardinals history was announced in December of 1981. The general manager and manager, Whitey Herzog, determined that the team needed to move in a different direction and set his sights on Ozzie Smith of the San Diego Padres. It took a couple more months for the trade to be finalized, but in hindsight that extra time was more than worth it as Ozzie would lead the club to the 1982 World Series championship and two NL pennants in 1985 and 1987.

Interesting Fact

The St. Louis Cardinals won their first World Series championship in unique fashion -- they became the first team to win the Fall Classic by catching a player attempting to steal a base. Another memorable feat was added to the record books in their most recent World Series appearance as the Redbirds victory in Game 3 came on an obstruction call -- another first in World Series history. Shown here is the jersey Allen Craig was wearing when he was obstructed, which now resides in the Cardinals Museum collection.

Featured Object

Joe Kelly made an impression on the mound in 2013 with 10 wins. He's also made an impression with fans due to his unique glasses that he wears while pitching. Interestingly, Kelly doesn't wear his prescription spectacles while batting as he feels he doesn't need them, but they do help him see the catcher's signs before making each pitch. While he noted, "they're not a fashion statement," Kelly made quite the statement with his performance this year, and his glasses will remain in the Cardinals Museum collection.