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Cardinals Hall of Fame Museum

This month in Cards history

Generations of fans experienced the thrill of a new season at the sight of Cardinals Hall of Famers in their red jackets on Opening Day. While not Opening Day just yet, as we turn over the calendar to a new year, we are reminded of the passing of the greatest Cardinal ever just one year ago on Jan. 19. Shown here is Stan Musial's red blazer, which was donated to the Cardinals Hall of Fame and Museum by the Musial family.

Interesting Fact

Fans didn't quite know what to expect in 2012 with a rookie manager taking the helm after the retirement of the winningest manager in Cardinals history, but Mike Matheny has not disappointed. Even with the franchise's collection of managers who have been inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame (Huggins, Hornsby, McKechnie, Frisch, Southworth, Schoendienst, Herzog, Torre and LaRussa), Matheny is the first manager in team history to have led the club to postseason appearances in his first two seasons.

Featured Object

Yadier Molina led the team to its 19th NL pennant in 2013 and became the first catcher in club history to have played in four World Series. While players were given new jerseys for use in the World Series, Molina continued to use this home shirt as evidenced by the extensive wear, and the placement, and removal, of the "POSTSEASON" sleeve patch underneath the "WORLD SERIES" patch. Clearly a standout piece from a standout player for the Cardinals Museum collection.