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Cardinals Hall of Fame Museum

This month in Cards history

After opening a new downtown stadium, the Cardinals hosted the Major League Baseball All-Star Game on July 12, 1966. Enthusiasm among the fans reached a fevered pitch … along with the weather! A reported crowd of 49,936 spectators endured temperatures as high as 105 degrees for the Mid-Summer Classic. The game was in extra innings when Cardinals All-Star Tim McCarver scored the winning run on a single by Maury Wills.

Interesting Fact

Following a down year in 2003, the 2004 Cardinals came to Spring Training unsure of what was ahead. By July, the club had surged into first place in the NL Central Division thanks in large part to the offense of centerfielder Jim Edmonds. During that month, Edmonds batted .381 with 13 home runs and 27 RBIs. He also tied a franchise record by hitting five home runs in five straight games. Edmonds was named the MLB NL Player of the Month for his exploits and clearly helped the club toward an NL pennant.

Featured Object

The Mad Hungarian intimidated batters with his menacing facial hair and by "psyching up" on the mound. However, Al Hrabosky apparently had a Samson-like trait when manager Vern Rapp installed a facial hair ban. His mojo was gone, as was his ability to consistently get batters out. On July 21, 1977, team owner August Busch lifted the ban and Al's stats quickly improved. Seen here is a wig and faux Fu Manchu in the Cardinals Museum Collection that Hrabosky used at a player's reunion to regain his mojo one more time.