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Cardinals Hall of Fame Museum

This month in Cards history

Following the Cardinals World Series championship in 2011, fans looked forward to the ring presentation during the Opening Series in 2012. But can you imagine having to wait until mid-season for the rings to be awarded? That's how it occurred following the 1946 championship as the players didn't receive their World Series rings until June 27, 1947. Talk about extending the celebration! Unfortunately, the championship hardware didn't rub off as the Cardinals would not return to the World Series until 1964.

Interesting Fact

On June 7, 2003, fans in St. Louis saw something they hadn't seen in 50 years -- the American League Browns taking the field. Actually, it was the Baltimore Orioles, but they are the same franchise that played in St. Louis from 1902-1953. This series, in 2003, marked the first time they had returned to St. Louis (thanks to interleague play). Both teams wore throwback uniforms on this date celebrating the 1944 World Series in which the Browns and Cardinals faced one another in an all-St. Louis affair.

Featured Object

While the St. Louis-Chicago rivalry existed even before professional baseball began, the two cities National League franchises continue to carry the torch of civic pride. On June 22, 1926, these flames were fanned as the Cardinals purchased Grover Alexander from the Cubs. The Cubs felt he was at the end of his career, but the pitcher proved them wrong by leading the Cardinals down the stretch and to their first World Series championship. The Cardinals Museum is proud to have Alexander's 1926 road uniform.