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Cardinals Hall of Fame Museum

This month in Cards history

On Nov. 7, 1851, the first owner of the franchise that is now the Cardinals was born. Chris Von der Ahe moved to St. Louis by age 16, opened his own saloon by the 1870s, purchased the St. Louis Browns by age 29 and moved them into the American Association where they won four League titles. He made a fortune selling beer at baseball games and oversaw the club's inclusion in the National League in 1892, but ultimately lost his wealth after numerous legal problems and sold the franchise in 1899 due to bankruptcy.

Interesting Fact

The Cardinals rose to the top of the National League in 2013, and it is due in large part to their ace pitcher, Adam Wainwright, who led the team with his presence and poise. Fittingly, he achieved a career milestone this season with his 1,000th strikeout on June 13. Faced with the threat of approaching inclement weather that could delay the game, Wainwright joked with the team's traveling secretary, "All I need is two hours," before delivering seven scoreless innings against the New York Mets.

Featured Object

Matt Carpenter entered Spring Training in 2013 fighting for a regular role on the Cardinals roster as a newly converted second baseman. He exited the 2013 season as an MLB All-Star who had etched his name atop the franchise record books. Shown here is a new addition to the Cardinals museum collection -- the wristband used by Carpenter when he broke Stan Musial's club record of 53 doubles by a left-handed hitter on Sept. 21. Carpenter finished the season with a league-leading 55 doubles, 199 hits and 126 runs.