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Cardinals Hall of Fame Museum

This month in Cards history

There's nothing like a championship parade in St. Louis -- and following a few decades of baseball mediocrity -- there was great enthusiasm when the city claimed its first National League pennant. The Cardinals won a heated race for the NL crown with the Reds after defeating the New York Giants on Sept. 24, 1926. After their final game in Cincinnati, the Cards went straight to New York to prepare to face the Yankees in the World Series, but enjoyed the NL championship parade upon their return home -- in the middle of the World Series!

Interesting Fact

Baseball is a unique game in that it's not played against a clock, but rather a scorecard. The length of a game is not lost on the fans though, which was the case on Sept. 11, 1974, when the Cardinals played in the second-longest game in MLB history. Trailing the Mets 3-1, in the top of the ninth, Ken Reitz hit a homer to tie the game. After 15 more scoreless innings, the game ended with Bake McBride scoring the winning run for the Redbirds at 3:13 a.m., just over seven hours after it started (but who's counting?).

Featured Object

Fifty years ago this month, Stan Musial played in his final Major League game. Following his retirement announcement on Aug. 12, 1963, at a team picnic, the games on the road became particularly meaningful as baseball fans from paid tribute to one of the game's all-time greats. Musial's last road game was played on Sept. 25, 1963, in Chicago. This was the site of one of "The Man's" greatest milestones -- his 3,000th hit. Shown here, from the team collection, is the Chicago Tribune newspaper from that final tilt in the Windy City.