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2012 Postseason Ticket Guidelines

Postseason Invoice:

The bottom portion of your post-season invoice, along with your payment should be returned no later than Monday, September 10th. A return envelope is provided for your convenience. Your payment can be made in person at the Cardinals Season Ticket Office located at 700 Clark Street from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.

If you are attending games during the weeks leading up to the deadline, the Season Ticket Office will be open until one half hour after the regularly scheduled game time for you to make your postseason payment.

Purchase of Tickets:

The Cardinals will allow you to purchase your tickets in a number of different ways.

You may:

  1. Purchase all tickets to all games on a one-time basis. Please check the appropriate box at the bottom of your invoice.
  2. Purchase all tickets with two separate transactions (one for Tiebreakers /Wild Card game/ Division Championship Series/ League Championship Series and one for World Series). Only credit card payments will be allowed for the second installment. Please check the appropriate box at the bottom of your invoice.
  3. Purchase a portion of your seats for either of the two options above. In other words, if you have four seats, you may choose to purchase only two seats for each round and the tiebreakers.

Please remember, if the tiebreakers, Wild Card game and the first two rounds are not purchased, the option to purchase World Series tickets will be forfeited.

Method of Payment:

Postseason payment can be made by cash, check, money order, MasterCard, Visa, Discover or American Express. We request that all cash payments be made in person at the Cardinals Season Ticket Office located at 700 Clark Street.

  1. You may pay in full for all tickets on a one-time basis with any of the above types of payment.
  2. You may pay with two separate payments. One for Tiebreaker games /Wild Card game/ Division Championship Series / League Championship Series and one for World Series. This is only available if you are paying by credit card for the second installment.
    • Your tiebreaker, Wild Card, Division and League Championship payments will be charged immediately upon receipt. World Series charges will be made the day after the Cardinals win the National League Division Series. Please be sure to enclose the appropriate credit card information (cc number, expiration date and 3-digit code) for World Series payment.
    • In the event the Cardinals do not advance to the League Championship Series, no charge will be made for World Series Tickets.
    • You may pay in full for your Tiebreaker and post-season tickets online using only one of the credit cards listed above by logging in to your "My Tickets" account at To pay online, you must pay in full and purchase all seats on your account.
Postseason Pricing:

The ticket prices for the playoff rounds must fall within a price range determined by Major League Baseball. Major League Baseball sets the prices for World Series tickets. Ticket revenue from playoff games is split among many groups, including the players, the participating teams, and non-participating teams.

Distribution of Tickets:

Tickets will be mailed via Fed Ex.

Postseason Refunds:

Should the Cardinals not make it to the playoffs, or the Cardinals make the playoffs and all games are not played, your payment credits will automatically be applied toward your 2013 season tickets. If you would prefer to have your credit refunded back to you, please indicate this via an e-mail to You may indicate a request for a full refund or a refund less your 2013 non-refundable season ticket deposit. Refund checks and credits will be issued within four weeks of the Cardinals last postseason game. It will not be necessary to return tickets from games not played to receive a refund.

Refund Options:

  1. Apply the full refund to 2013 season tickets. The Cardinals will automatically assume this option is selected unless otherwise indicated by e-mailing
  2. Receive a refund by your original method of payment less the non-refundable deposit for 2013 season tickets.
  3. Receive a full refund by your original method of payment.
    Example: If you originally paid using a credit card the refund will automatically be refunded to that card. If you paid using a check the Cardinals will issue you a refund check.
  4. All refunds will be issued less any outstanding 2012 season account balances.

This refund policy applies ONLY to tickets listed on your postseason invoice.

Game Date and Time:

Please note that tiebreaker and postseason game dates and times are subject to team standings. The Cardinals will post the most current dates and times of games played at Busch Stadium on

Opponents and home field advantage are dependent upon each team’s regular season record. This may not be finalized until the last day of the regular season. Therefore, tickets for all possible playoff games, including a potential tiebreaker games are included on your invoice.

Additional Tickets:

Due to the limited number of seats, we are unable to accommodate requests for additional tickets. A public sale for 2 Tiebreaker games, a Wild Card game and Division / League Championship Series tickets will be held in late September.

Raffles and Sweepstakes:

According to Major League Baseball regulations, 2012 Division Series, League Championship Series and World Series tickets may not be used for contests, sweepstakes or other promotional purposes (including without limitation, as raffle prizes for charities), without the express written consent of the Office of the Commissioner of Baseball.