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Ken Reitz
How To Play Like A Cardinal

All-Star 3rd baseman, Ken Reitz, played for the St. Louis Cardinals, San Francisco Giants, Chicago Cubs, and Pittsburgh Pirates throughout his major league career. He now volunteers as an instructor at Cardinals Kids Clinics and Fantasy Baseball Camps. Reitz also coaches in the St. Louis Metro Collegiate Baseball League, where he was recently named Manager of the Year. Throughout his major league career, Reitz learned a number of great techniques which helped him to become a better baseball player. He was kind enough to provide our Season Ticket Holders with some of his professional knowledge.

  • Work on form and fundamentals
  • Practice hitting off a tee, live pitching and to all sides of the field
  • Keep your head still and focused on the ball
  • Work on keeping your hands back, then swinging with quick hands and hips
  • Keep your head down and center the ball with your body
  • Keep your throwing hand over your glove hand so you can get the ball out faster
  • Be sure to crow hop when throwing to your target
Increasing Arm Strength
  • Hitters and pitchers should work hard on their legs and the core of their body
  • Strong back and stomach muscles help prevent many injuries
Hitting Specific Exercises
  • Keep your legs in really good shape; they are the foundation for hitting
  • Do hand and wrist exercises to strengthen your grip
  • When taking batting practice, focus on keeping the front shoulder in and watching the ball as long as you can
  • Most importantly, take as much batting practice as possible
Approaching Ground Balls
  • Keep your legs bent when you field the ball
  • Always have your glove down on the ground
  • Start low and then you can always come up on tricky hops
We recognize that it isn't easy to make it to the big leagues but, with practice, these tips will help you to become a better all-around baseball player. Maybe, one day, we'll see you and your kids playing in front of the best fans in baseball, right here, at Busch Stadium!